Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom's, Ileen Wright Wardle, family as outlined by her.

Charlene, Bill, Rose Marie, Mom
Mom’s family as outlined by her.
Charles James Wright born 27 October 1885, Pleasant Grove, UT; died 13 May 1958 buried Ammon, ID.
Married Alie Bromley 2 October 1906 (later divorced)
Alie Bromley born 20 August, 1980; died 16 May 1963 Salt Lake City, UT
2nd marriage to Henry Struss
Amelia Rosina born 11 April 1909, Lehi, UT
Ann Elizabeth born 25 May 1911, Lehi, UT
Ralph Bromley 22 Jan, 1913 American Fork, UT
Ruth Spanish Fork, UT
William Arthur Springall born 6 December 1886; died 20 December 1925
Married Mina Geneve Brandley 6 July 1911
Mina Geneve Brandley born 6 June 1891 S.L.C., UT; died 21 September 1972 buried Ammon, ID.
Helen Alene Springall born 19 Mar 1912 S.L.C., UT
Robert William Springall born 12 April 1914 S.L.C., UT
Marion Ruth Springall 27 May 1916 S.L.C., UT
William Earl Springall 11 January 1923 S.L.C., UT
Charles James Wright married Mina Geneve Brandley 31 May 1927, S.L.C., UT
C.J. Wright born 15 May 1928, died 15 May 1928 (lived 15 minutes) buried S.L.C., UT
Ileen Jane Wright born 18 March 1929 Idaho Falls, ID. Married James Wilford Wardle Jr. 9 June 1948
Charleen Ann Wright born 18 March 1929 Idaho Falls, ID.  Married Max D. Hill 1 July 1948
Rose Marie Wright born 11 September 1930 Idaho Falls, ID. Married Marvin J. Anderson 26 July, 1950

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book Review: Church History Broomhead through Condie

This is a section from the Church History Library.  I have been going through all the entries there with regards to the Martin Handcart Company.  The best articles in this section were a couple written by rescuers;   William Broomhead and Harvey Cluff.  It is amazing to see the picture painted of the handcart pioneers from the perspective of the rescuers.  They talk of the high snow gong into the valley and over the big and little mountains, of the condition of the Saints when they were found, the hardships in getting them to Salt Lake, why  they went into Martin's Cove, etc.

There are also a couple women who wrote stories from Red Buttes, and how, just before they were rescued, the company was asked if they would be willing to lay down their lives for the Lord.  Hear rending stories.