Friday, March 22, 2013

Isaac Wardle from Of Dugouts and Spires

This is most of the history from Of Dugouts and Spires.  I lest our part because it was not accurate.
Isaac J. Wardle was born June 14, 1835, to John and Mary Kinston Wardle. … Isaac began working twelve-hour shifts in the mines of Ravenstone, Leicestershire, England at nine years of age.  He had started working as a runner at the coal mines two years earlier. … Isaac worked and saved his month to emigrate to Utah.  He finally set sail May 25, 1856, from Liverpool with eight hundred and forty others on the S.S. Horizon.  He crossed the plains with the ill-fated Martin Handcart Company.
   He arrived in Utah on November 30, 1856, and went to West Jordan to work for Alexander Beckstead.  In 1859 he and Alexander built the first two homes in South Jordan.  He was called up by the Utah Militia to meet Johnston’s Army at Echo Canyon in 1857 during the Utah War.  He later helped build the first road up Bingham Canyon for gathering wood.
   Twenty-four-year-old Isaac married fifteen-year-ole Martha Ann Egbert on April 18, 1859, and took her to his new homestead in South Jordan.  They were endowed in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City on April 12, 1862.  They were the parents of ten children, Isaac John (md. Alice Robinson), Samuel (died as infant), Crilla M. (md. Zachariah Butterfiel), Araminta (md. Daniel Densley), Joseph S. (md. Abina Ann Beckstead), Hyrum S. (died as infant), Silas D. (md. Emeline Orgill), Junius F. (md Edna Vawdrey), an twins Edgar Ray and Ema May (md. John Willie Palmer).
   Isaac married (2) Mary Ann Ashton in the Endowment House on September 14, 1867.  She too had traveled across the plains in the Martin Handcart Company.  Mary Ann died four hours after given birth to their only child, William Haston Wardle.  She was buried in South Jordan.
   Isaac married (3) Sophia Meyers in the Endowment House on July 26, 1869.  Their children included Charles M., Hannah M., Atheamer M., and Wilford Woodruff Wardle.
   Isaac Wardle studied books at night by the light of the fire and practiced writing on a shovel with a piece of charcoal.  He was eager to gain knowledge and to improve his home and farm.  His farm prospered with two large orchards, two homes, and many outbuildings on his land.  It was located at approximately 10015 South, West of the Beckstead Ditch and east of 1000 West.  His orchards were east of the irrigation ditch.
   Isaac was superintendent of the LDS South Jordan Sunday School for nineteen years.  He served as president of the seventies quorum and went on a nine-month mission to England in 1879.  In 1900 he moved his family to Parker, Idaho.  Martha died in 1916 in Parker, and Sophia died later in Boise.  Isaac died October 30, 1917, at age eight-two.  Martha, Sophia, and Isaac are buried in Parker, Idaho.  pp69-70

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Mother and her Sisters

Charlene and Ileen

and father
7th and 8th grade girl's glee, top row

5th and 6th grade girls glee, first row
My mother is Ileen Jane Wright Wardle.  She was born March 18, 1928.  She has a twin sister Charleen.  Her younger sister Rose Marie was born Sept. 11, 1930.  Aunt Rosemarie passed away this past year, August 6, 2012.


senior year
Rose Marie



Charlene, Ileen and Rose Marie

Monday, March 11, 2013

Isaac and his Children

Isaac had fifteen children by three wives.  Of these eleven reached maturity.  This is a work in progress, as I hope to add pictures.

Martha Egbert 1 March, 1844 Nauvoo, IL- married 7 April, 1859 West Jordan, UT- deceased 7 December 1916 Parker, ID.
Isaac John Wardle 31 October 1861 So Jordan, UT-14 February 1936 married Alice Robinson 16 September 1885, deceased 14 February 1946 So Jordan, UT.
Samuel Smith Wardle 4 February 1864 So Jordan, UT-deceased 22 March 1864 So Jordan, UT.
Crilla Marie Wardle 15 October, 1865 So Jordan, UT- Married Zachariah Butterfield 31 October, 1884 Logan, UT- deceased 25 June, 1895 Riverton, UT.
Araminta Wardle 26 April 1868 So Jordan, UT-married Daniel Densley Jr. 20 January 1886- deceased 19 June 1940 Salt Lake City, UT.
Joseph Smith Wardle 13 September, 1870 So Jordan, UT-married Sabina Ann Beckstead 11 February 1891, Manti, UT- deceased 14 December, 1946 Boise, Idaho
Hyrum Smith Wardle 26 May 1873 So Jordan, UT- deceased 26 July 1873 So Jordan, UT.
Silas DeRoy Wardle 16 July, 1876 So Jordan, UT-October, 1934 Rocksprings, WY-married Emaline Orgill 2 September 1896 Salt Lake City, UT- deceased 30 September 1934, Riverton, WY.
Junius F Wardle 9 June 1879 So Jordan, UT-married Edna Frances Vawdrey 26 November 1913- deceased 12 July, 1963 St Anthony, ID.
Edgar Ray Wardle 15 May, 1882 So Jordan, UT-deceased 3 September 1882 So Jordan, UT.
Etna May Wardle 15 May 1882 So Jordan, UT-11 May 1952 Idaho Falls, ID Married John Willie Palmer 24 October, 1900 Salt Lake City, UT- deceased 11 May, 1952 Idaho Fall, ID.

Mary Ann Ashton 31 July 1851 Oldham, Lancashire, England-married 23 September - Salt Lake CIty, UT- deceased 5 April 1869 So Jordan, UT.
William Haston Wardle 5 April 1869 So Jordan, UT- married Annie Serena Sorensen 27 August 1890 Logan, UT- deceased 17 November 1954 Pocatello, ID.

Clara Sophia Eleanor Meyer 11 Septenber 1849 Ledoje,Copenhagen, Denmark- Married 26 July 1869 Salt Lake City, UT- deceased 21 March 1938 Nampa ID.
Charles Meyers Wardle 18 December 1870 So Jordan, Ut- married Harriet Rhodehouse 1 July 1896 Logan, UT- deceased 16 April 1932 Boise, ID.
Hannah Wardle 13 March 1873 So Jordan, UT- married Robert Newman Holt 7 November 1894 Salt Lake City, UT-deceased 3 July 1939 Salt Lake City, UT.
Atheamer M. Wardle 3 September 1881 So Jordan, UT- married Rose Alice Powell 7 June 1911 Salt Lake City, UT- deceased 10 June 1946 Boise, ID.
Wilford Woodruff Wardle 6 Ostober, 1883 So Jordan, Ut- deceased 7 August 1887 Salt Lake City, UT.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Grandparents Wright and Families

Grandma Geneve and Marie

Mina Geneve Brandley Wright
Marie and Elmo Coburn


Aunt Ruth
Grandpa Wright's family

Charles James Wright

Grandma and Grandpa Wright, soot from boiler coal

mom center, grandma right

My family and grandma

Lincoln Sugar Factory, grandpa 3rd from right in front
Grandma and Buffie, Kathy in arms

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Handcart Pictures

I think Isaac may have looked very much like this picture

Charlie found the second pictures, which shows handcart pioneers in the snow.  There was a wearing struggle before the snow, as depicted in the first picture.  This represents to me Isaac's struggle and he and John Bailey pulled Langley across the plains.  However, Isaac probably did not have a covered cart, as these were better and usually reserved for families.  The cart more likely looked like those in the second picture. 
This image also represents for me Isaac on the trail, as he was called upon to dig many graves.  One day they placed twenty people in a common grave.

This is a depiction of Sarah and Mary Ashton painted by Julie Rogers.  I think of this picture just after Betsy passed away.  Their older sister gone, their parents gone, the had to comfort each other.