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Isaac Wardle Missing 1901

This is a series of transcribed newpaper articles from 1901 dealing with Isaac Wardle's disappearance.  As we know Isaac eventually showed up in San Francisco, And William Haston went and brought him home.  My theory is he was escaping persecution from U.S. Marshalls for polygamy.  These articles were emailed to me by Denise Croft.

Disappearance of I.J. Wardle Alarms His Friends
On October 10th, Mr. Wardle Cashed a Check for $100 at the Deseret National Bank, and Left the Building—Since Then His Family and Friends have Received No Word as to His Whereabouts—Police Will Send Out Descriptions of the Missing Man today.
    The relatives and friends of I.J. Wardle, one of the Utah Pioneers, are much exercised over his mysterious disappearance in the city nearly three weeks ago.  So complete has been his disappearance that the persistent efforts of his sons and of the police have not been rewarded by any trace of his whereabouts.   When last seen on the afternoon of October 10th the aged man was in the Deseret national bank, where he cashed a check for the sum of $100.  Cashier Young saw him walk from the bank after securing the money, but as to what became of him after that no information has been gained thus far.  As he was entirely in his right mind and is not given to the use of intoxicants, fears are entertained that he may have met with some mishap, if not foul play.
    Mr. Wardle left his home in Gale, Southwest of the city, on the forenoon of the day of his disappearance, and which he did not return at night his two sons, W.H. Wardle and I.J. Wardle Jr., thought that he might remained with some of his numerous friends in the city, and did not begin a search for him for nearly a week.  When the missing man could not be located in the city, communication was at once opened with towns in northern Idaho, where he has a large ranch, but it was learned that nothing had been seen of him in that locality.  His sons have not been able to secure the slightest clue.
    The police have decided to make circulars bearing descriptions and photographs of the missing man to the police departments of the principal cities of the West.  These circulars will be sent out today.
    Mr. Wardle has a large number of friends in the city and in outlying districts, having resided in Salt Lake valley for over forty years past.  He emigrated to Utah in 1857.  He is 67 years of age, and when last seen was attired in light coat and vest, brown trousers and light-colored hat.

The Daily Tribune  Salt Lake City, Utah. Monday Morning, October 28, 1901

This was in the classified ads
CONCERNING THE WHEREABOUTS of I.J. Wardle of Gale, Utah.  Disappeared Oct 10th while in Salt Lake on business.  When last seen was leaving Deseret National Bank.  Was wearing gray coat and vest, light hat, brown trousers: Is 67 years of age, gray beard, medium height and complexion.  Any information concerning his whereabouts will be thankfully received by Wardle brothers, Gale, Utah, or by the Chief of Police of this city.    M1728
The Daily Tribune: Salt Lake City, Utah, Friday Morning, November 1, 1901.

They Believe Wardle is Dead
Friends and Relatives of the Missing Pioneer Search Large Area of Country for His Remains
The relatives and friends of I.J. Wardle, the old pioneer who has been missing since October 10th are now firm in the belief that he has met with foul play.  So strong has this belief become that yesterday a searching party was organized in South Jordan and a large section of country was searched for some clue to the missing man.
The area covered was from Murray south, a distance of two miles and from State road to the Jordan river.  Although the search was most thorough, nothing was discovered.
So far as has been learned, Mr. Wardle has never been seen since he cashed a check for $100 at the Deseret National band and left the building.  He intended returning to the home of Charles Meyers, two miles south of Murray for the night, but did not reach there.  His family and friends instituted the search yesterday, fearing that he was robbed and murdered while in route to Meter’s place from Murray.
The Daily Tribune: Salt Lake City, Utah, Friday Morning, November 1, 1901.

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Book Review: Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley

Boat and tug in Liverpool

This book, as a resource for Isaac's history provides some general details about the trek.  The author, Frederick Piercy traveled the Mormon Trail by wagon in 1853, and gives general information about the journey.  As he went the New Orleans route, there is some of Isaac's route which was different, however the coincided after Council Bluffs.   He gives general information on boat travel and wagon train organization which would apply to all the Mormon companies.  He also provides a series of sketches, which he drew in 1853; and give us a few of places only three years before Isaac passed.  This book was published by the Church's offices in Britain with Franklin Richards, publisher.  It is available free through Google Books.

Dress of English converts on the Mormon Trail

Shows a tent, which may have been similar to those of the handcart companies

On of the ferry crossings

Salt Lake City