Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Genealogy Searches

There are so many easy tools available now, doing genealogy work has become much easier.  I have been doing less blogging, and more actually research, and all at home.  Many people say that it is impossible to find new people.  But in the past six month I have requested ordinance work for over 2000 people.  I have done a couple things,  I always start with FamilySearch.org.
My first strategy:  I have found a couple lines which were not searched.  This has included aunts and uncles who have married into our family.  For example, my Aunt Verna married Bill Green.  I have researched the Green line, and found Civil War soldiers and  many others.  My Great Uncle Leo had a couple wives whose genealogy was not done.  He did not have children with either of them.  I have been able to research Aunt Marian and Aunt Joy.  I visited Aunt Joy's grave site in San Jose.
If you know any other lines which are unsearched, please go ahead and help with this great work.  I you would rather not, please let me know and I will see what I can find.  
The second strategy is to go to the end, get the information, and then see if you can add.  You can do this by using the sources in Family Search.  Another strategy is to take the information given, and then plug that into Ancestry.com or Find my Past.com.  Sometime you are actually able to find people this way.  These sites are free through Family Search.
Another strategy is to build your tree in on of this other genealogy sites.  This is a good thing to do because Family Search is a communal property, while in these you can individualize your tree.  In other words, in Family Search someone else can make changes to the tree, while the other sites you can make your tree specific to yourself. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

James Wilford Wardle Sr and Melissa Anne Shaw Couple and Family Pictures

I have discovered some family pictures on FamilySearch.  These pictures were mostly contributed by my brother Charles, but also elsewhere.  I have also put numerous pictures of my father's family on FamilySearch.
Picture at Jenny's Lake, Doesn't Grandma look like Verna?

Farm House, Rigby

CCC work crew, Grandpa is on left, Vernal third from right, Milton Thompson fourth from right

Grandpa Wardle, James Jr, Verna, Grandma Wardle, Lula, Phyllis

Grandpa, Verna, Grandma, Phyllis, James Jr.