Saturday, July 20, 2019

William Ashton participates in the 1889 4th of July program in Whitney

I found this on Family Search.  It was contributed by Alexis Beckstead.  William Ashton is my great great great grandfather.  I descend from his daughter Mary while the Becksteads descend from Sarah.  I also note that family search has added a middle name; William Albert Ashton.

In the book "The Trail Blazer, a history of the development of Southeastern Idaho," by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, it states that Amasa Beckstead provided Accordion music for the 4th of July program in 1889. In the same program it mentions that his Grandpa Ashton gave a speech. Other relatives added to the entertainment: Andrew Beckstead gave a speech, Elton Beckstead demonstrated a Step Dance. Joseph Beckstead sang a song and provided mouth-organ music with Riley Clark. These were among 43 numbers in the long program. The small community really knew how to celebrate.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Fourteen Grandbabies: Baby Pictures

First Column Charity, second Mark, third Jeremy, fourth Caleb and Natalia.  That Wardle nose dominates, except for a couple with Sheri's nose.  Ten Grandsons, four granddaughters.
Charity created the collage.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Kids: First Picture Together and Most Recent

Mark's Marine boot camp graduation
Escape room
See any changes?  Names not included for privacy.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

How I Am Related to William Shakespeare

Yes the real William Shakespeare.  It is not a direct line, but it is pretty darn close because he shares the same grandparents with my line. 
My father's mother i Melissa Shaw, whose mother is Melissa Ann Atwood whose mother is Mary Sophronia Barber, who is the daughter of William Perry Barber, the son of William Barber, the son of John Barber, who is also the son of a John Barber, the son of John Drake Barber, the son of Ruth Drake, the daughter of John Drake II whose mother is Lettyce Shakespeare the cousin of William Shakespeare.  Henry Shakespeare, father of Lettyce is the brother of John Shakespeare and their parents are Richard Shakespeare and Abigail Webb.  Now I think that is pretty cool.  This is from Family Search.  William Shakespeare was born in Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, England in 1564.  He passed away in 1616 and is buried in Westminster Abbey.  He was married to Anne Hathaway. 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Genealogy Family Names

I find this list is very helpful to me as I do genealogy work.  I also find I am always adding to it.  On a few occasions I find different sides of the family having common ancestors, and also ancestors with the same name.

Alcock                         Buff    (Clyde Buff family)
Alvey                           Buff
Audritt                        Shaw  (Dad’s mother)
Baker                          Shaw Atwood
Ball                              Shaw
Ballam                                    Adams  (Uncle Leo’s third wife, Dad’s)
Batdorff                      Shaw
Beek                            Jeremy Bosch  (Mom’s mother’s line)
Bibby                          Ashton  (Isaac Wardle married Mary Ashton)
Bogard, Boogard        Jeremy Bosch
Bond                           Shaw Atwood
Bronkhorst                 Jeremy Braendli Bosch
Browning                   Braendli Jeremy
Cartwright                 Green  (Dad’s brother-in-law)
Clemons                     Shaw Atwood
Colver                         Shaw Atwood Barber
Conrad, Coonrad       Haws Clawson  (Sheri’s mother’s father)
Corrigan                     Haws
Cox                              Williams  (Uncle Leo’s second wife)
Crane                          Buff
Cross                           Adams
Crum                          Shaw Atwood Barber
Davis                           Shaw Atwood
DeWeese                    Buff
DeWitt                        Clawson
Dille                            Clawson
Donaghy                     Adams
Donk                           Jeremy Bosch
Doughy                       Shaw Atwood
Epperly                      Shaw Atwood
Farr                             Green
Farrar                         Haws Clawson
Farrow                        Haws Clawson
Flood                           Buff
Fletcher                      Shaw
Foreman                     Haws / Shaw Atwood
Francis                        Tonkin Williams
Froggat                       Ashton Barlow
Fry                              Tonkin Williams
Frye                            Green
Greene                        Shaw Atwood/ Green
Golding                       Shaw
Goodwin                     Shaw
Gould                          Shaw
Grepp                         Buff
Griffis                          Haws Clawson
Grotenboer                Wright Braendli Bosch
Griffis                          Haws Clawson
Goodband                  Green Osborn
Goodwin                     Shaw
Gunier                                    Adams
Gwaltney                    Buff
Hackett                       Shaw Atwood
Hamilton                    Shaw Atwood
Hannibal                    Shaw Atwood
Harrison                     Osborn Green
Hawkey                      Green
Heywood                    Shaw
Hicks                           Springall (Mom’s stepfather)
Hines                          Haws Clawson Durfee
Hitchcock                    Shaw Atwood Barber
Hitz                             Braendli
Hoaglin                       Haws
Hodge                         Shaw
Holden                        Shaw Atwood
Hotchkiss                    Haws Clawson
Hudson                       Haws Clawson
Hutto                          Haws Clawson
Imner/Immer                        Braendli
Inman                         Adams
James                          Shaw Atwood
Jenkins                       Green Cartwright     
Kilgore                        Shaw Atwood
Kyle                            Adams
Leatherbarrow          Ashton
Littleboy                     Springall
Manhire                     Williams
Martin                                    Shaw Atwod Barber
McCallister                 Haws Clawson
McClanahan               Haws
McDaniel                    Shaw Atwood/ Braendli Jeremy
McKinney                   Shaw Atwood
Micks                          Braendli
Monaghan                  Tonkin Williams
Moore                         Green Cartwright/ Durfee Clawson
Munro                                    Shaw Atwood Barber
Murrells                     Adams
Nash                           Haws Clawson
Nightingale                Osborn
Osborn                       Green
Owen                          Atwood
Pfister                         Braendli
Phelps                                    Shaw Atwood
Platford                      Adams
Porter                         Shaw Atwood
Prudy                         Cartwright Green
Rodgers                      Haws Clawson
Saich                           Springall
Sanders                      Jeremy Braendli
Schilling                      Green Cartwright
Shelton                       Clawson
Siefkes                        Braendli
Smith                          Clawson/ Jeremy
Souttar                       Green
Spier                           Wardle Udy
Staples                        Ashton
Sublett                        Haws Clawson
Suthard                      Shaw Atwood
Swadling                    Shaw Atwood Barber
Swager                       Adams
Tasler                         Ashton
Tatler                          Ashton
Terry                          Shaw Atwood
Todden                       Shaw Atwood
Tonkin Tonkyn          Williams
Tucker                        Haws Clawson
Uphavering                Ashton
Udy                             Wardle
Utley                           Braendli Jeremy/Shaw Atwood/ Haws Clawson Durfee
Van den Berg             Bosch, Jeremy
Van der Hoek             Bosch Jeremy
Van Dijk                      Braendli Jeremy
VanderGrift                Jeremy
Van Geenen               Bosch
Van Steenis                Braendli Jeremy Bosch
Vink                            Braendli, Jeremy, Bosch
Vinton                         Ashton
Vogel                           Bosch
Walker                        Shaw
Walters                       Green Cartwright
Warden                      Adams
Watkins                      Clawson
Wheelhouse               Haws
Whitter                       Shaw
Whitaker                    Shaw
Wilcock                       Ashton
Wilkes                         Shaw
Wilsey                         Clawson
Wink                           Jeremy Bosch
Wisner                        Clawson
Wysling                      Braendli

Monday, March 19, 2018

Genealogy Tapestry

Sheri made this for me for Christmas one year.  I hung it on the wall, then used is as a desk mat for many years.  It is not totally accurate, because Mark's DOB is written differently than everyone else's.  His birthday is 1/12/87.  Natalia is 10/17/85, Mark, Jeremy 10/18/89, Charity 11/1/90.  Billy Boy was 12/9/84.  Our other three children were not yet born, Miranda 2/16/93  Caleb 5/19/95 and Tony 2/8/2007.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sweetwater Crossing: poem by Sephen E. Robinson

Sweetwater Crossing(November 4, 1856) By Stephen E. Robinson

Ensign October 2014

So many miles, and such a shallow stream, but wet and
Wide with sticky mud.1 And this time there was snow and ice.
Not ice enough to cross2 on, like the miracle at Nauvoo.
Another miracle was needed here; and perhaps a sacrifice.

With wagons, clothing, food,3 and fire for loved ones yet unknown,
Men and boys from Zion climbed their mountains through the frost
To find the stranded pioneers, exhausted on the prairie and
Dying in November’s snows, with the Sweetwater still to cross.

Their clothes were rent; their strength was spent; they’d eaten belts and shoes.
Hundreds there were winter-bound with no hope that they might rally;
It would take a bridge of living flesh, willingly laid down,
To save the souls at Devil’s Gate and bring them to the Valley.

Then the Valley boys, some beardless, brave, saw no other way.
The young men knew what they must do—saw what was required,
And carried, ferried, the weak and sick across the freezing water,
Crossed and recrossing, crossed again. Crossed, though chilled and tired.

And as the young men waded, bearing on their strong, warm backs
Their loads of tired flesh, of fathers, mothers, children, wives,4
Ignored the pain, the chills like nails in freezing hands and feet,
They crossed for love—and Jesus’ sake—and offered life for lives.5

And while from Devil’s Gate all crossed to the shelter of the Cove,
Like lambs born in too-early spring, the young men shivered and they froze,
Bearing scores of pilgrim strangers, the least of all the pioneers,6
Who had pushed their carts and their poor hearts till both broke7 in winter’s snows.

That cold and lonely river was once the crossroads of the world,
Where works of faith met gifts of grace at the continent’s divide.
God there poured out his mercy on both the saviors and the saved,
And those who crossed and washed8 in that sweet Water never died.
  1. 1. 
    On the surface, this poem is about crossing the Sweetwater River. The symbolic subtext, however, is the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how He bore the weight of the whole human family on His shoulders, as symbolized by the young rescuers who carried pioneers across the freezing river.
  2. 2. 
    The word cross is used 12 times in the title and the text of the poem. The repetition is intentional. The willing sacrifice of the young men delivers the souls from “Devil’s” Gate across the water to their salvation.
  3. 3. 
  4. 4. 
    In relation to the first two lines of this stanza, seeIsaiah 22:23–24, where it is prophesied that the Messiah, “as a nail in a sure place,” will bear all the weight of His Father’s house.
  5. 5. 
    Historical note: While the rescuers did offer their lives, no one actually perished in the Sweetwater crossing.
  6. 6. 
  7. 7. 
  8. 8.