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Bill and Bob Springall as told on Family Search

This story I have found on family Search.  Bob and Bill Springall are my mothers half brothers.  I was in tears after reading this story.  I have gotten to know both these uncles better as a result.  

This picture was shared by Steven Booras on Family Search and shows Bill and his friend.

The Story of Gordon Bartholomew and William Earl Springall

Written by Steven William Springall Booras, 25 October 2016. SOURCES: Expanded from original notes in personal family files written in 2006, recorded at the time of the experience with additional information obtained from, and When Brother Bartholomew first met us in the sealing room of the Provo Temple, he related the story of how he met my uncle, William Earl Springall, during WWII on board ship in the Merchant Marines serving in the Pacific Theater. William and Gordon became best of friends. Rather than hanging out in bars and other places where the sailors would go when off duty while on shore leave they would visit art galleries and history museums in the cities where they were docked. Gordon was not a member of the LDS church during the time of their friendship in the service but was a protestant and was a member of the Methodist Church. Over a period of time William was able to introduce the church to Gordon and on occasion took him to church. After the war they parted ways but stayed in contact with each other over the years. Gordon married and settled in Binghamton, New York. William married and settled in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gordon soon after marriage joined the church in 1961. That same year, while I was serving on my mission, my father, William’s brother, Robert William Springall, passed away. Years later Brother Bartholomew served several missions as an ordinance worker in the Washington D.C. Temple from 1986-1997, the Orlando Temple from 1997-2002, and the Provo Temple from 2002-2009. My uncle William Springall passed away in 2003. My mother, Nelda Johnston and my father, Robert William Springall, divorced about 1946. My mother remarried to William Edward Booras. My brother and I were formerly adopted by William Edward Booras. Hence the name change. In 1963 Mom and William Booras divorced while I was serving in the military. Even though I have been doing family history most of my adult life my dad, mother, Terry, and I were never sealed. Through the years my mother had no inclination of wanting to be sealed to Robert Springall. My wife, Susan Lindsey, and I had many discussions with our family about the possibility of sealing of dad, mom, Terry and I. We saw no prospect of that ever happening. My wife passed away in December, 2005 after 40 years of marriage. Early in the following year, 2006, my son Kimball persuaded me to take a trip with him back to California. It would be a trip of healing and renewal. While there I visited my brother Terry and his wife Mary. I also visited my mother, Nelda Johnston Springall Booras. During my visit to her Oakland apartment one afternoon she mentioned she had been pondering recently, for the first time, the thought of being sealed to Dad. And that Terry and I should be sealed also. This was a complete surprise and reversal of her willingness to be sealed to dad. I was amazed. However, she confided, that being divorced from dad and remarried and divorced again she admitted that this was keeping her from making the decision to be sealed thinking the divorces would prevent the ordinances from taking place. I informed her that that would have no bearing on her worthiness or policy of being sealed. She could go to the temple that very afternoon and be sealed. There was nothing keeping her from doing so. This is a gospel of repentance and forgiveness. She literally brightened up and became more enthusiastic about the prospect of being sealed. It was decided then to plan for the sealing. I promptly told Terry, Mary, and my son Kimball of the surprise decision to have the sealing’s performed. I told everyone I would immediately begin the process of preparing for the ordinance. I asked mom which temple would she like the ordinances performed. Being in her 90’s I suggested that our family could come here to the Oakland, California temple. She thought that would be wonderful. Upon returning home to Utah I started the arrangements of preparing the family records, notifying family members, and coordinating and clearing dates. The Oakland temple was chosen as the temple for the sealing. Just prior to notifying the Oakland Temple and scheduling the sealing session mom called me. She thought she would like to travel to Utah and perform the ordinances in the Salt Lake Temple. That was the temple she had her own endowments done. We agreed that would be great also. However, in the middle of June mom called again, she gave it further thought and prayer and now she wanted the sealing performed in the Provo Temple. Again we all agreed. On the 29th of June 2006 I scheduled the sealing in the Provo Temple. The date was set for 29 July 2006. The afternoon of July 29, our family was gathered in the sealing room of the Provo Temple. My son, Kimball Springall would be proxy for Dad, Robert William Springall. Terry and Mary Booras, Nelda Booras, Kimball, and I were setting in the instruction room adjacent to the sealing room waiting for our sealer. The rest of the family were waiting in the sealing room. Now, in 2002, Elder Bartholomew and his wife had moved to Payson, Utah. He then started working in the Provo Temple, his 3rd temple assignment. One morning when coming to the temple he noticed the family sealing name of Robert William Springall for a family sealing scheduled for the 29th of July. He immediately requested the sealing. He kept it for several weeks until the day came, wondering if there would be a relationship. As soon as he walked into the sealing instruction room he closed the door and asked softly “does the name William Springall mean anything to you”? And, “was he related to Robert William Springall”? We informed him that they were brothers. He was elated. He then related his story of his close relationship with William during WWII and always remembered him and that his influence was a major factor in his joining the church. I asked him would he be willing to share his story with the rest of the family now seated in the sealing room waiting. He said he would be more than happy to do so. When we entered the sealing room, finding all the family there seated around the alter he again related his story about his relationship to dad’s brother. We all marveled at the story and the spirit filled the room. Mom, Kimball, Terry, and I kneeled at the alter and Brother Bartholomew performed the sealing. We were now sealed for time and eternity. Elder Gordon Manly Bartholomew passed away the 2nd of April 2009 and was buried the 6th of April 2009 in the Payson City Cemetery, Payson, Utah. The spirit of the Lord was in “rich abundance” in that sealing room. We all felt it. The Lord's hand was definitely directing these affairs. We felt the presence of our family members who had passed onto the spirit world. All of which testified that the work of the Lord does and will come to pass in His due time and that it is true. We rejoiced in the Lord. There is and was then an influence beyond the veil that brought this sealing to pass, I so testify. President James E. Faust. “Perhaps in this life we are not given to fully understand how enduring the sealing cords of righteous parents are to their children. It may very well be that there are more helpful sources at work than we know. I believe there is a strong familial pull as the influence of beloved ancestors continues with us from the other side of the veil.” “Dear Are the Sheep That Have Wandered,” General Conference, April, 2003.

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Birth Record for Mary Ann Ashton

Among other things this record reports Mary's parents, Sarah Ann Ashton (Barlow) and William Ashton.  It gives her father's career as a spinner.  Her mother signs with an X.  The date of birth is July 1851.  It was registered on the ninth so birth is before the ninth.  I can't make out a day.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

My Dad's Three SIblings Who Passed Away In Their Infancy

 My father's family lost three children before my father was born.  Audrey and Lula where his older siblings.  Then came Little Willie, Myrtle Mary, and Wanda Helen.  Grandma tells their story:
On Nov. 15, 1919 our first boy was born.  He had red hair.  We named him William Hashton after Grandfather Wardle.  We called him Willie.  He was a very sweet boy.  We almost lost him when he was born as he had a hemorrhage.  He bled from eyes, nose, mouth and bowels.  The doctor gave him several blood transfusions.  He took two blood from me.  That checked it.  He lost so much blood that he was so cold, almost like death.  They wrapped him in blankets and put him in the oven to try and keep him warm.  The doctor gave him a sedative to keep him quiet when he wasn’t 24 hours old.  He lived to be two years and four months.  He was sick most of his life.  When he passed away his hair was white.  We had moved to Pocatello and were living there when Willie passed away.  Just before he died we had another little daughter born on Dec. 10, 1921.  She looked like the other girls with long dark hair.  We named her Myrtle Mary.  She was just a little doll, but the Lord saw fit to take her.  We were only permitted to keep her three months.  We had four children.  All of them, Wilford, and I were all sick at the same time with the flu.  There was a bad flu epidemic.  Wilford and three of the children had flu and pneumonia.  Two children were taken.  Willie died March 1 and Myrtle March 4, 1922.  That was terrible.  We were all too sick to leave the house so we had a little service for both of them at home.  It took a long time to get over the loss of my children.
    On March 29, 1923 we had another little girl born.  We named her Wanda Helen.  She also had dark hair and blue eyes.  She was a beautiful child.  She lived to be eleven months old.  We enjoyed her very much.  She and the other girls got whooping cough.  Wanda got pneumonia with it.  She passed away Feb. 10, 1924.  It was a very sad blow to all of us.

Little Willie who was born with red hair; but it went white due to health issues.
I do not have pictures of the two girl; only of William Hashton Wardle.  My father, James Wilford Jr.  was born, 1925 and Phyllis and Verna followed him.  

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Audrey Wardle Chase

Grandma and grandpa's family, Grandma Meliss,a Shaw Wardle, Lula, Audrey, Grandpa WIlford Wardle, Verna, my father James Wilford, and Phyllis
My Dad's four sisters. Lula, Audrey, Verna and Phyllis
These are Aunt Audrey's pictures from Family Search.  Some I placed there, but just recently my brother Charlie placed many pictures from old negatives he developed.  Audrey was the oldest child of James Wilford Wardle Sr. and Melissa Ann Shaw Wardle.  She married Ellis Bennion Chase.  She had five children grow to maturity, Kenneth, Anne, Dale, Carolyn and Roger.  And two more who died in infancy, Audrey and Gary.  Her husband passed away shortly after Roger was born from a heart condition.  She was a school teacher and worked for many years teaching English in Pocatello.  She passed away in 1998.

In these pictures I am not sure who she is with; perhaps Ellis' family

Lula and Audrey

Camping, with one of her sons

I am pretty sure this is with her oldest daughter Anne
Road trip to Othello, Audrey and Kenneth, my mother is in car, Connie and Sara, Carolyn and perhaps Anne standi

Last picture with her husband Ellis Chase

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Grandma by Lydia Hartle Kilpack

This poem appeared in the Legacy Newsletter for Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Spring 2007.  

Could I leave home and Mother
And sail to a distant shore?
Could I, after losing loved ones, 
Say I was more blessed than before?

Could I give up all I had worked for
To help others on their way?
Do I appreciate the comforts 
That are mine to enjoy today?

Grandma, you could do these things
And do them gladly too
Because your faith in God was strong
And to that faith were true.

If I'm worthy then to meet you
I'll be glad to take your hand
And give my heart-felt love to you
Within that better land.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mary Ashton Wardle Obituary

Found this gem on family Search where it had been contributed by Iva Beckstead.  this lists place of death as West Jordan and age as 20.  She is buried in South Jordan Cemetery which is more likely location of death.  Also they have inflated her age slightly.  Mary's is the last obituary in this picture.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Joey, My Nephew: Keeping the Family Tradition

This is my nephew Joey with his niece, daughter of Linsay, Addison.  Picture shared with me by Geneve.