Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dad, Jim Wardle, Merrill LIbrary Utah State University 1970s

These are my father and his coworkers.  My father is standing in rear above 2nd from right and below on left.   Chloe Olsen is in light blue.  I recognize other faces but not names.  One of my father's coworkers was Lorraine Nash.  I don't recognize her in the picture.  Lorraine's son had leukemia which would claim his life.  On year he went deer hunting with us.  He was close to Charlie's age. 

These pictures are part of an author's fair.  I do not recognize the author.

From the author's fair.  Please let me know if you recognize anyone

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tid Bit about Grandpa Thomas Evan Jeremy's Tree
I found this not in my mother's things about the tree.  I previously shared the above link which mentioned this tree in the newspaper.
 At 6th W. and So Temple on the old Saltair Railroad, stands the famous Jeremy Cottonwood.  It was planted by Thomas Jeremy in 1852.  It grew and seemed to have served its purpose, and finally was neglected.  Sara Jeremy Anderson of S.L. County board had spoken of the tree in tender amusing terms telling of the girls and boys who came there to play, and each of the tramps who came there to get warm.  Although it was greatly damaged by repeated fires, the old Jeremy Tree reaches 115 feet into the sky, and spreads its great branches almost that far across.  The tree warden of S.L. took it in his care,  doctored and pruned it, an it is now being protected as an historic tree. 
Heart Throbs vol. 2.

Uncle William Earl (Bill) Springall Funeral

Bill Springall is my mother's brother on her mother's side.  Grandma's first husband passed away and she remarried Charles James Wright, my mother's father.  Bill's father was William Arthur Springall.

Bill and Josephine Kelly

The funeral party, Aunt Charlene and my mother in front middle

Bill's children

Bill and Charlene Hill

 Charlene left and Ileen right

Ileen Wardle and Charlene Hill

Aunt Donna Phyllis Wardle Olsen Fumeral and Obituary 2 Feb 2002

 The program for the funeral contains all of Aunt Phyllis' descendants at the time of her death.  The obituary includes those who preceded her in death as well as those who survived her.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Picture of John and Mary Wardle

This is from Family Search.  I suggest going there directly and reviewing,  It was contributed by Joe Anderson.  I had never before seen a picture of John and Mary Wardle so I had to share this.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dianna Wardle (my sister) and Mark Norman

Dianna (my sister) waited for Mark while he was on his mission.  I came across this letter written to my mother from Taiwan.  It was sent by Elder Norman.  It is a very nice letter, and expressed much sentiment and gratitude for Dianna.  (I am not sharing the contents of the letter, which would be for them to choice if they want to share.)
Many young women commit to wait; very few actually do.  My wife waited, but when her boyfriend returned home, he had grown out of love and broke her heart.  Dianna waited, and married her missionary.
Dianna had big plans, and put together many things in anticipation of her marriage.  Most of the two years Mark was gone, she was putting things away, dishes, linens, silverware.  By the time they were married, she had everything she needed to run a home.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ileen Wright Wardle Served in the Logan Temple

My mother was very proud of her service in the Logan Temple.  She hadn't planned on being released, but she fell and broke her neck and could not continue.  She often played the organ and had binders of prelude music to play.  She also served as a veil worker and ___