Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Traditions

I ask every year for people to share Christmas traditions from their parents and grandparents.  Please do so this year.  This article from the Deseret News may give you some ideas. Also share any other traditions with regards to other holidays.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cousin Danny Green

We lost track of Danny when he reached adulthood.  He married, but I don't know his wife's name.  I heard today he had a child, but didn't know that before today.  He worked as a fry cook.  He died young.  He was 47 passing away in 2002.

William Haston and Annie Sorensen Wardle Reunion 1972: Please Help ID

These are many pictures from 1972.  When I can I give names, but many I do not know.  Please help.  I will identify picture with number.
1. Bobby (Norval's)

2. Leo and Marian

3. Norval and Vernal

4. Norval

5. Orrin and Viorene and daughter

6. Sandra Olsen Johnsen

7. Phyliss and Sandra Olsen

8. front: Reed Wardle, Joyce Wardle Jackson, Cheri Jackson, Lucile back: first 3 Lucile's grandsons, Shanone Jackson

9. Vernal standing

10. Vernal and Beulah
11. Melissa Ann Shaw Wardle and Audrey Wardle Chase

12. Norval, Orrin, Wilford, Melissa

13. Roger Chase, Ileen Wardle and James Wilford sr.


15. Phyllis and Grandmas Melissa

16. Reed, Vernal, Leo

17. cousins: Jim Wardle, Joyce Jackson, Lula, Audry, ?,Orrin's daughter,?, Phyliss, Bobby, ?

18. on left Wilfard and Melissa, Reed, on right Dianna my sister



21. Mary Ann,?,?, Marian
22. 2nd cousins, Dianna, Sharon, Sandra, Joanne, David Olsen

23 Orrin, Audrey Chase and Ileen Wardle

24. James Wilford Sr. and Delilah

 25. Orrin, Norval, Reed, Delilah, Vernal, Leo, Mary Ann, James Wilford
spouses: Viorene, Delsa, Mary, Beulah, Marian, Melissa
26. Lula, Phyliss, Sherry Beesley, Wilford Sr.


28. Ileen, Audrey, Melissa, Delsa, Norval

29. ?,?, Bobby. ?
30. Orrin, Norval, Reed, Mary, Vernal, Leo, Beulah, Wilford

Aunt Verna Wardle Green

These are a few more pictures I have found of Aunt Verna in my dad's box plus one I took. Aunt Verna passed away in 2010, the last surviving sibling.  My father passed away in 2003.
I know one girl is Larene, but who is the other?
three generation

with Danny's daughter

With my father

I took this picture in 2005 at her home in Pocatello

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dad After He Left the Family

After 30+ years with my mom, Dad moved out and went to live in Salt Lake.  He started a new life in real estate, with a different circle of friends.  These are a few pictures of him from this period.
After heart surgery

with his spider

Dad and Jewell 1885, second wife

Dad and friends

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mormon Pioneers Past and Present: Facebook Page

I have created a new Facebook page as a place to share pioneer stories, past and present.  I love stories about my pioneer ancestors and wanted a forum to share, but also would encourage others to share as well.  I would love for you to like my page and share stories.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Church History Website: Overland Travel
This link is where you can search the Mormon Trail Stories.  There are over 100 articles, journals etc with regards to the Martin Handcart Company.  This is a great resource.  It also has information about Robinson Handcart Company where John and Mary Wardle and their son James were members. 

Shaw Family Reunion 1972, Please Help Identify

Please help if you can
This is the Shaw Reunion 1972.  Can anyone identify where this took place?  I also need help with photo identification.

James Bradley

please identify

Melissa Shaw Wardle and ?