Saturday, December 7, 2013

William Haston and Annie Sorensen Wardle Reunion 1972: Please Help ID

These are many pictures from 1972.  When I can I give names, but many I do not know.  Please help.  I will identify picture with number.
1. Bobby (Norval's)

2. Leo and Marian

3. Norval and Vernal

4. Norval

5. Orrin and Viorene and daughter

6. Sandra Olsen Johnsen

7. Phyliss and Sandra Olsen

8. front: Reed Wardle, Joyce Wardle Jackson, Cheri Jackson, Lucile back: first 3 Lucile's grandsons, Shanone Jackson

9. Vernal standing

10. Vernal and Beulah
11. Melissa Ann Shaw Wardle and Audrey Wardle Chase

12. Norval, Orrin, Wilford, Melissa

13. Roger Chase, Ileen Wardle and James Wilford sr.


15. Phyllis and Grandmas Melissa

16. Reed, Vernal, Leo

17. cousins: Jim Wardle, Joyce Jackson, Lula, Audry, ?,Orrin's daughter,?, Phyliss, Bobby, ?

18. on left Wilfard and Melissa, Reed, on right Dianna my sister



21. Mary Ann,?,?, Marian
22. 2nd cousins, Dianna, Sharon, Sandra, Joanne, David Olsen

23 Orrin, Audrey Chase and Ileen Wardle

24. James Wilford Sr. and Delilah

 25. Orrin, Norval, Reed, Delilah, Vernal, Leo, Mary Ann, James Wilford
spouses: Viorene, Delsa, Mary, Beulah, Marian, Melissa
26. Lula, Phyliss, Sherry Beesley, Wilford Sr.


28. Ileen, Audrey, Melissa, Delsa, Norval

29. ?,?, Bobby. ?
30. Orrin, Norval, Reed, Mary, Vernal, Leo, Beulah, Wilford


  1. Reed Olsen 6 and 7 is Sandra Olsen Johnson with mom.
    55 minutes ago via mobile · Like
    Reed Olsen 22, the four olsens are David, Joanne Crook, Sandra Olsen Johnson, and Sharon Olsen Shiman. Sharon is holding Sandra. I always had a job in the summer so I never went to these things.

  2. Rod Jackson Reed's daughter's name is Joyce Jackson. She's my Mother. She's still alive. -- In picture #8 you'll see Grandpa Reed with daughter Joyce next to him. On the right is his wife Lucile. My sister CHERI Jackson (deceased) is next to Joyce. My other sister Shanone is in the upper right of the picture. The three boys on the upper row are grandsons of Lucile.

    Rod Jackson FYI, Aunt Mary is NOT in picture #8. That's my step grandmother Lucile in the picture.