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South Jordan Pictures from "Of Dugouts and Spires

Isaac Wardle is 52 however I think this was Isaac's son, as Isaac John had his home closer to the river where the Beckstead Ditch could provide water for his orchard.

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Isaac Wardle's Last Will and Testament 1879

There are some very interesting things about this document.  The most significant is the signatures of Isaac's children with their spouses which is on the fourth page.  It is also interesting that Isaac's grammar and spelling are close to perfect.  This is a great improvement over his letters from his mission.  I don't know if this is due to much continued self education, or if someone else supervised his writing.  I lean to the first, as we have been told he spent long hours improving himself throughout his life.  Isaac died the day after this document was dated, and before his family had added their signatures.  It appears page four was signed at his funeral.

Heman Idaho, October 29, 1917.
Knowing that I can not live much longer and in order that my families may know my wishes and why I have done certain things; herewith I make the follow statement.
I have given to my five sons, viz John, William, Joseph, Charles and Silas at the time of their marriage or at other times, land, houses, horses, implements, furniture and other property to an amount of not less than $3,000.00 each, free from incumbrance.  Because of the same I consider that they have had their full share of my property.
I have also deeded to my son Junius F Wardle approximately eighty seen acres of my home farm subject to a mortgage and have also transferred one half of all my stock and machinery to him.  He has this day in final consideration of the said deed and transfer made and delivered his two certain promissory notes payable to Mineta Densley and May Palmer, in the sum of $300.00 each without interest and payable at my death.  My son Junius has certain sheep in his care which are now in Teton Basin and which were bequeathed to me by his mother and my wife Martha A Wardle and I hereby sell and transfer the same to my wife Sophia M Wardle and I direct my son Junius to deliver (2) them to her in case he does not receive them until after my death.
The above therefore released my son Junius from any further liability to me or my estate except that he shall assist in my support until my death.
I have also deeded to my son Atheamer Wardle approximately one hundred acres of my home farm, subject to a mortgage and have also transferred on half of all my stock and machinery to him.  He has this day in further consideration of the said deed and transfer, made and delivered his two certain promissory notes payable to Hannah Hall and to the two children of Crilla Butterfield deceased, to wit: Anny May Meyers and Zackariah T. Butterfield in the sum of $300.00 each without interest and payable at my death.  In final consideration of the said transfer and deed my said son Atheamer has agreed to support my wife and his mother, Sophia M Wardle during her life and in addition thereto has agreed to pay her the sum of $300.00 per year during her life payable on or before December 15th of each year.  The $300.00 for this year which is due for rent is hereby assigned and transferred to my said wife and my son Atheamer is directed to pay the same to her.  (3)
 The foregoing therefore releases my son Atheamer from any further liability to me or my estate, except that he shall assist in my support until my death.
I have this day transferred to my wife Sophia M Wardle my bank account amounting to $362.98 and also the sum of $200.00 paid me this day as this year’s rent by my son Junius F. Wardle.
As my last wish and request I hope that all of my children and my wife will be satisfied with the foregoing transfers and I urgently ask of them that they do nothing to interfere with my desire as set forth in the above arrangement.
May the blessing of the Lord rest upon my wife and my posterity.
Witness to name and mark Geo. H. Lowe.
Isaac J Wardle His cross
Subscribed and sworn to before me it is 29th day of October 1917.
Geo. H. Lowe Notary Public Residing at St Anthony, Idaho.
[page 4]  Heman Idaho November 2, 1917.
This is to certify That we the wife, sons, and daughters and the grandchildren [ ] in Father’s will son’s in law and daughter’s in law do herby accept the last will of out Husband and Father. Signed:
[the document includes the signatures of: Sophia M Wardle, Isaac J Wardle Jr. Annie May Myers, Zachariah T Butterfield, Aramintia Densley, William H Wardle, Joseph S Wardle, Charles M Wardle, Hannah Holt, Silas. D. Wardle, Junius F Wardle, Atheamer Wardle, May Palmer, Alice Wardle her Cross, J Butterfield, Annie S Wardle, Sabrina A Wardle, V Holt, Emeline Wardle, Edna V. Wardle, Rose W Wardle,  J W Palmer.

[page 5 is the promissory note of Atheamer Wardle]
Heman Idaho October 29, 1917
Upon the death of my father, for value received I promise to pay to the order of my sister Crilla Butterfield’s, deceased, two children to wit: Anna May Meyers and Zackariah T Butterfield, three hundred dollars ($300\00) without interest.
Witnessed by Gel H. Lowe.
Atheamer Wardle

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Isaac Mission Letter from Bishop Bills

South Jordan
May 12th 1879
Isaac J Wardel
Dear Brother,
With pleasure I imbrace the present opportunity of informing you how we are prospering in Utah and South Jordan.  All is well on Jordan.  We have had a very dry time in Jordan and in fact threw the whole cuntry.  But it was so early that it did not inger [injure] crops to that extent that it would have dun if it had bin later.  Latly we had had sufficient rain and more to answer very well for the present.  But we have had a severe frost so much so that it has kill most all if not quite all the fruit except cxurrents even goose berries are kild that is in this neighborhood.  How extensive it is I am not prepaired to say at present.
    I have succeeded in organizing a brass band of thirteen[.]  we have got their instruments and they had sufficient practice so that the Tunes the play one would think they were old hands.  It begins to seems like a town when the Band plays.  The rappid progress they have made is wonderful.  Joseph Orgal is principle.  It is our intension [page 2] To have a music box made for the twenty fourth of July and if possible uniform them and the Relief Society will present them a nic flag as we are cald on to go to the City for a grand Jubilee.  We have bin spoken of very hiley [highly] in the Priesthood meeting in the City that their was on band at least that would play with out whiskey and respect the Priesthood and President Taylor wants more of the same kind and has made arrangement to that effect.
    We have had a Grand Demonstratin in Salt Lake City to welcum President D H Wells back or on his return from the Penitenshery as he was fined for contempt of Court one hundred dollaras and two days imprisonment for not reveling the secrets of the Endowment House.  Most of our Ward went and I send you the Deseret News of May 7th that will give all the particulars.  I all so send the Juvenile and Mother Beckstead’s Mountain Warbler and a few peases [pieces] of the Temple rock[.]  I went on Tuesday to get the rock and obtained it from Brother Playor Stonecutter for the Temple[.]  it came of one of the circles over the window of the first story above ground[.]  the news that I selected for you contains more news and rascality from out Enimies than anny other paper ever published so I think we have had Bros Winder and Miner (Lawyer) as missionaries [page 3] Was to of had last SundayBros Renolds and Penrose but they aere stoped at the depo in the City in consequence of Prest Wells’ affair[.]  We have pease [peace] and good meetings[.]  the Choir sane you hymn and Joseph red[read]  the  circumstances of the Ordanance of Baptism you attended.  Isaac I mis you in our Councels our labors, and as a Brother neighbor and a friend but neither I nor you Family wuld recal you but we pray for you.  God Bless you.  You will return safe[.]  when I pened you name above and these five lines above the tears drop and I am unable to se[e] clear[.]  I feel for one of the Brethren that has bin a Great help to me in the Branch and in the Ward.  I step up often and se[e] your Family to say a kind ward to comfort them[.]  they are well at present[.]  Johney and I are going the last of next week to over hall the shearing and prepair for shearing.  Wool at present is low say thirteen to fourteen cents but we expect a little more[.]  we have not ingaged yet.
    You wrote in relation to sending clothing to you in case you kneed any[.]  don’t you thnk it advisible to send a draft for money to by with than to send the close from home.  I have thought it would. (over) [page 4]
    Our school seems all right.  Their was a short time ut stoped on account of Walter ancle being sprained in playing bal in the City.  Next Tuesday we will have our may walk in Bro Olivers medow.  We have had several marriages sinc you left[.]  I am not at liverty to tell the parties—But will mention Brigham Vincent and Miss Susan Blake.  Wm Soffe and Miss Bety Shields and you would laugh if I dare tel the rest[.]  it wil be Enough to say that there is four more and a prospect for another at least[.]
    I receved you Welcum latter of March 26th 1879 and also the Star and other paper came duly to hand[.]  May God Bless and preserve you and your fellow laborer from Evin disposed persons that you may for a good work and when dun return home to the bosom of the Church and you Families
    From your Affectionate Brother in the gospel of pease
William A Bills Bishop South Jordan

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Isaac's Mission: Letter to Him from Sophia April 23, 1879

This letter had a part that was very hard to decipher, but I think Sheri and I have come up with a pretty good job.  The original scan has a place that was lighter.  It talks about a diphtheria epidemic.

April the 23 1879
Dear husband and father it is With pleasure that I sit me down to write a few lines to let you know how We are getting a long.  Martha is about as Well as can be expected[.]  she has been better this time than she was before but I Wil be glad When her truble is over for it is igreat trile to be let Without you under such a sircomstens but never the less We trist in god Whom Will help those that put there rust in him.  We know that god is With us and that he Will help us thru all our truble if We are faithful[.]  the rest of us are all well.  Thank god for the great Blessing hopping this fue lines may find you injoing the same Blessing.  We Wod like to have you home With us but god has cald you thru his servants to do this great and noble Work therfor We ever pray god to bles you and fill you With Wisdom and knowledge that you may pruv faithful to your caling and then return home to us agine[.]  We loke [look] forward to the gread day for We know that it will be the happest Day of oure lives to greet you Wellcom home oncs more[.]  i was doune to the Bishop last Sunday and I had the privlage to convirce with Brother Miner to give me som incouraging council[.]  He pray for you bouth late and erley[.]  you sey in yours letters do not forget to pray for me[.]  O Dear Isaac it is hard to forget one Who is so near[page 2] and Dear as you are to us[.]  it is a long time sens We have had the privlige to imbrice you and to he[a]r your kind voise[.]  O if We could bout Speak s feu Words to you tonight it wood give us great relefe for it is a trial that require bouth faith and Wisdom but if We due oure dutey to the best of oure abilty god Will due the rest for We have seen the power of god made manifest thru his servenc to us[.] therfor We can bare a faithful testermoney that this is the Work of god[.] Maith his er [ever] ingage and care prosper us lateraly that we together with you may prove faithful to our heavenly father[.]  the Diptheria Is raging in Draper and Brother Higby Has beried his oldest brother toDay and 5 more down with the treble Disease[.]  We Will know close oure letter by asking god to Bless you and persurve you from all harm and danger Witch is the prayer of you hold family the Children ever pray god to Bless and perseurve father and bring him safe home to us again[.]  father Wardle father Egber father miers and there familys sends there love to you and they ever prayfor you[.]  and grandmother send her love to you also and the nabors all send there love to you.  Rite as sone as you receve our letter and write often for it is good to hear from you and We will send you a letter evere Weke from you king and loving family[.]  to our kind and loving husband and father I will now bring our letter to a close and ask god to Bless you is our prayer in the name of Jesus amen.  John has just gone to the hird[.]  from Martha and Sophia.  Write soon.

Letters to Isaac on His Mission: Sophia May 1 1879

This is an interesting letter because it gives some size to Isaac Sheep herd.  It was very large.

May the 1 1879
Deer Husand and father it is With plasher that I take my pen to write a fue lines to inform you of how we ar giting along at home[.]  We ar all Well at present[.]  thank god for it hoping these fue lines may find you injoying the same Blesing for it is a grate gift of god to his Mortels hier on ereth [earth] for without halth and stringht We Wood not be able to perform the duty Witch may bee involved on us from time to time[.]  You said in you last letter that it semed as thow We had forgettin you[.]  but We have not forgotten you and We never shall but We did not know Where to send our letters until We receved you kind and Welcome letter dayted March the 11 Witch We receved April the 1[.]  We then set rite downe and Wrote you a letter[;] sent it the next day[.]  may god Bless you and comfort your Hart and may you Stand firme and faithful to your Caling is our Dayley praer to our havenley father for you[.]  We feel proud that We have a husband hume [whom] god cose to performe such a grate Work and We know that god is With you and that you have the Spirrit of you Mishon for We can feel that Spirit when We rede your letter for it is a grat comfort for us to know that you ar feeling so Well in Spirits and that you also ar better in halth but it [page 2]is not like having you homeWith us[.]  Still it is a comfort to hear from you[.]  O Deer Isaac, if you could have your likeness taking and send it to us o What a Comfort it wold be to us[,]  may God Bless and preserve you from all harm and danger is our praer bouth Day and night[.]  John is at the hard and he has ben there 2[?] Weks[.]  the sheep is duing Well[.]  Ther is between 7 and 800 lambs and more Coming[.]  John has discharged Dan Germon[.]  Brother and Sister Howard Sends ther love to you the the nabors all around sends ther love to you also[.]  We Will now close our letter buy asking god to Bless you[.]  the Children all sends ther love and kisses to father[.]  Send us Word When to send you some Money and how to send it[.]  Martha feel as Well as can be expected[.]  She Wood like for you to send her a comforting Word[.]  She feels that she needs your comfort[.]  so no more at present[.]  May god Bless you is our praer from you kind and loving family to our kind and loving Husband and father.  Except [accept] of a kiss from Martha and Sophia[.]  We sent you a sheat of paper So Write often[.]

Letters to Isaac During His Mission: Aunt Betsy Ley

This letter is intriguing because it appears Isaac's mother has a sister.  I could not find her with internet, but I did find Combemartin, England in Google Maps.  If someone knows anything about her please let me know.

Combmartin Aug 20th 1879
Dear nephew
Just a few to tell you that I can’t do nothing toward any money before the copy of the will come down[.]  then I will sent and tell you all petuclers [particulars]I have[.]  [page 2]Sent two cards[.]  Please to sent your mother one hand the other keep yourself[.]  My adress is Betsy Ley  Combmartin cit Barnstaple Devon[.]  we are very glad to hear that your mother got out alright[.]  I am very sorry to hear that you were out of work[.]  we al linjoy a very good health[.]  I hope [page 3]this will find you al in good health[.]  I have nothing more to sat at present.  From you Loving aunt B Ley

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P.O. Box B as it Relates to Isaac's Mission

I just read a book of short vignettes by President Boyd K. Packer, "Memorable Stories with a Message."  One of the stories, P.O. Box B talked about receiving a mission call.  One of the stories cited was a missionary call extended the same year Isaac Wardle was serving his mission.  I think the attitude may also reflect Isaac's.  I know from reading his letters, Isaac had a sense of pride in being called and deemed worthy to go on a mission.

"I have a letter signed by President John Taylor, written on April 12, 1884.  It has an interesting letterhead:
The President’s Office
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
P.O. Box B
Salt Lake City, UtahP.O. Box B” became the symbol of the mission call for generations of Latter-day Saints.  A letter from Box B was a call to the mission field.  Those letters cam unannounced: no interviews, no asking whether it was convenient—just a letter from Box B, a call to serve.  
Here is a response addressed to Box B, datelined Beaver, Utah, August 30, 1879,
'President John Taylor
Dear Brother,
Yours of the 27 instance notifying myself to make my arrangements to go on a mission to the United States is to hand.  You ask an answer of me.  My answer is, I am glad that I am counted worth by my brethren to go on a mission or fill any place of trust and I hope that I shall never do anything to forfeit the confidence reposed.
I know of nothing now to prevent my going as desired although plenty to do at home.'
That simple phrase although plenty to do at home no doubt referred to a wife and family to feed and clothe, children to teach, a farm to keep, cows to milk, a garden to tend, a home to complete.  All were set aside because a letter had come from Box B.
…Wiliam W. Phelps wrote:

I go devoted to His cause,
And to His will resigned;
His presence will supply the loss
Of all I leave behind.

I go because the Master calls;
He’s made my duty plain—
No danger can the heart appall
When Jesus stoops to reign.

Perhaps a few refused the call from Box B, but we have no record of them.
Much has changed since those Box B days, but one thing must not change.  We must not—we cannot—lose the spirit of the call, for it is a demonstration of the power of revelation."