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Isaac Mission Letter from Bishop Bills

South Jordan
May 12th 1879
Isaac J Wardel
Dear Brother,
With pleasure I imbrace the present opportunity of informing you how we are prospering in Utah and South Jordan.  All is well on Jordan.  We have had a very dry time in Jordan and in fact threw the whole cuntry.  But it was so early that it did not inger [injure] crops to that extent that it would have dun if it had bin later.  Latly we had had sufficient rain and more to answer very well for the present.  But we have had a severe frost so much so that it has kill most all if not quite all the fruit except cxurrents even goose berries are kild that is in this neighborhood.  How extensive it is I am not prepaired to say at present.
    I have succeeded in organizing a brass band of thirteen[.]  we have got their instruments and they had sufficient practice so that the Tunes the play one would think they were old hands.  It begins to seems like a town when the Band plays.  The rappid progress they have made is wonderful.  Joseph Orgal is principle.  It is our intension [page 2] To have a music box made for the twenty fourth of July and if possible uniform them and the Relief Society will present them a nic flag as we are cald on to go to the City for a grand Jubilee.  We have bin spoken of very hiley [highly] in the Priesthood meeting in the City that their was on band at least that would play with out whiskey and respect the Priesthood and President Taylor wants more of the same kind and has made arrangement to that effect.
    We have had a Grand Demonstratin in Salt Lake City to welcum President D H Wells back or on his return from the Penitenshery as he was fined for contempt of Court one hundred dollaras and two days imprisonment for not reveling the secrets of the Endowment House.  Most of our Ward went and I send you the Deseret News of May 7th that will give all the particulars.  I all so send the Juvenile and Mother Beckstead’s Mountain Warbler and a few peases [pieces] of the Temple rock[.]  I went on Tuesday to get the rock and obtained it from Brother Playor Stonecutter for the Temple[.]  it came of one of the circles over the window of the first story above ground[.]  the news that I selected for you contains more news and rascality from out Enimies than anny other paper ever published so I think we have had Bros Winder and Miner (Lawyer) as missionaries [page 3] Was to of had last SundayBros Renolds and Penrose but they aere stoped at the depo in the City in consequence of Prest Wells’ affair[.]  We have pease [peace] and good meetings[.]  the Choir sane you hymn and Joseph red[read]  the  circumstances of the Ordanance of Baptism you attended.  Isaac I mis you in our Councels our labors, and as a Brother neighbor and a friend but neither I nor you Family wuld recal you but we pray for you.  God Bless you.  You will return safe[.]  when I pened you name above and these five lines above the tears drop and I am unable to se[e] clear[.]  I feel for one of the Brethren that has bin a Great help to me in the Branch and in the Ward.  I step up often and se[e] your Family to say a kind ward to comfort them[.]  they are well at present[.]  Johney and I are going the last of next week to over hall the shearing and prepair for shearing.  Wool at present is low say thirteen to fourteen cents but we expect a little more[.]  we have not ingaged yet.
    You wrote in relation to sending clothing to you in case you kneed any[.]  don’t you thnk it advisible to send a draft for money to by with than to send the close from home.  I have thought it would. (over) [page 4]
    Our school seems all right.  Their was a short time ut stoped on account of Walter ancle being sprained in playing bal in the City.  Next Tuesday we will have our may walk in Bro Olivers medow.  We have had several marriages sinc you left[.]  I am not at liverty to tell the parties—But will mention Brigham Vincent and Miss Susan Blake.  Wm Soffe and Miss Bety Shields and you would laugh if I dare tel the rest[.]  it wil be Enough to say that there is four more and a prospect for another at least[.]
    I receved you Welcum latter of March 26th 1879 and also the Star and other paper came duly to hand[.]  May God Bless and preserve you and your fellow laborer from Evin disposed persons that you may for a good work and when dun return home to the bosom of the Church and you Families
    From your Affectionate Brother in the gospel of pease
William A Bills Bishop South Jordan

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