Friday, July 19, 2013

Letters to Isaac on His Mission: Sophia May 1 1879

This is an interesting letter because it gives some size to Isaac Sheep herd.  It was very large.

May the 1 1879
Deer Husand and father it is With plasher that I take my pen to write a fue lines to inform you of how we ar giting along at home[.]  We ar all Well at present[.]  thank god for it hoping these fue lines may find you injoying the same Blesing for it is a grate gift of god to his Mortels hier on ereth [earth] for without halth and stringht We Wood not be able to perform the duty Witch may bee involved on us from time to time[.]  You said in you last letter that it semed as thow We had forgettin you[.]  but We have not forgotten you and We never shall but We did not know Where to send our letters until We receved you kind and Welcome letter dayted March the 11 Witch We receved April the 1[.]  We then set rite downe and Wrote you a letter[;] sent it the next day[.]  may god Bless you and comfort your Hart and may you Stand firme and faithful to your Caling is our Dayley praer to our havenley father for you[.]  We feel proud that We have a husband hume [whom] god cose to performe such a grate Work and We know that god is With you and that you have the Spirrit of you Mishon for We can feel that Spirit when We rede your letter for it is a grat comfort for us to know that you ar feeling so Well in Spirits and that you also ar better in halth but it [page 2]is not like having you homeWith us[.]  Still it is a comfort to hear from you[.]  O Deer Isaac, if you could have your likeness taking and send it to us o What a Comfort it wold be to us[,]  may God Bless and preserve you from all harm and danger is our praer bouth Day and night[.]  John is at the hard and he has ben there 2[?] Weks[.]  the sheep is duing Well[.]  Ther is between 7 and 800 lambs and more Coming[.]  John has discharged Dan Germon[.]  Brother and Sister Howard Sends ther love to you the the nabors all around sends ther love to you also[.]  We Will now close our letter buy asking god to Bless you[.]  the Children all sends ther love and kisses to father[.]  Send us Word When to send you some Money and how to send it[.]  Martha feel as Well as can be expected[.]  She Wood like for you to send her a comforting Word[.]  She feels that she needs your comfort[.]  so no more at present[.]  May god Bless you is our praer from you kind and loving family to our kind and loving Husband and father.  Except [accept] of a kiss from Martha and Sophia[.]  We sent you a sheat of paper So Write often[.]

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