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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Isaac Wardle's Last Will and Testament 1879

There are some very interesting things about this document.  The most significant is the signatures of Isaac's children with their spouses which is on the fourth page.  It is also interesting that Isaac's grammar and spelling are close to perfect.  This is a great improvement over his letters from his mission.  I don't know if this is due to much continued self education, or if someone else supervised his writing.  I lean to the first, as we have been told he spent long hours improving himself throughout his life.  Isaac died the day after this document was dated, and before his family had added their signatures.  It appears page four was signed at his funeral.

Heman Idaho, October 29, 1917.
Knowing that I can not live much longer and in order that my families may know my wishes and why I have done certain things; herewith I make the follow statement.
I have given to my five sons, viz John, William, Joseph, Charles and Silas at the time of their marriage or at other times, land, houses, horses, implements, furniture and other property to an amount of not less than $3,000.00 each, free from incumbrance.  Because of the same I consider that they have had their full share of my property.
I have also deeded to my son Junius F Wardle approximately eighty seen acres of my home farm subject to a mortgage and have also transferred one half of all my stock and machinery to him.  He has this day in final consideration of the said deed and transfer made and delivered his two certain promissory notes payable to Mineta Densley and May Palmer, in the sum of $300.00 each without interest and payable at my death.  My son Junius has certain sheep in his care which are now in Teton Basin and which were bequeathed to me by his mother and my wife Martha A Wardle and I hereby sell and transfer the same to my wife Sophia M Wardle and I direct my son Junius to deliver (2) them to her in case he does not receive them until after my death.
The above therefore released my son Junius from any further liability to me or my estate except that he shall assist in my support until my death.
I have also deeded to my son Atheamer Wardle approximately one hundred acres of my home farm, subject to a mortgage and have also transferred on half of all my stock and machinery to him.  He has this day in further consideration of the said deed and transfer, made and delivered his two certain promissory notes payable to Hannah Hall and to the two children of Crilla Butterfield deceased, to wit: Anny May Meyers and Zackariah T. Butterfield in the sum of $300.00 each without interest and payable at my death.  In final consideration of the said transfer and deed my said son Atheamer has agreed to support my wife and his mother, Sophia M Wardle during her life and in addition thereto has agreed to pay her the sum of $300.00 per year during her life payable on or before December 15th of each year.  The $300.00 for this year which is due for rent is hereby assigned and transferred to my said wife and my son Atheamer is directed to pay the same to her.  (3)
 The foregoing therefore releases my son Atheamer from any further liability to me or my estate, except that he shall assist in my support until my death.
I have this day transferred to my wife Sophia M Wardle my bank account amounting to $362.98 and also the sum of $200.00 paid me this day as this year’s rent by my son Junius F. Wardle.
As my last wish and request I hope that all of my children and my wife will be satisfied with the foregoing transfers and I urgently ask of them that they do nothing to interfere with my desire as set forth in the above arrangement.
May the blessing of the Lord rest upon my wife and my posterity.
Witness to name and mark Geo. H. Lowe.
Isaac J Wardle His cross
Subscribed and sworn to before me it is 29th day of October 1917.
Geo. H. Lowe Notary Public Residing at St Anthony, Idaho.
[page 4]  Heman Idaho November 2, 1917.
This is to certify That we the wife, sons, and daughters and the grandchildren [ ] in Father’s will son’s in law and daughter’s in law do herby accept the last will of out Husband and Father. Signed:
[the document includes the signatures of: Sophia M Wardle, Isaac J Wardle Jr. Annie May Myers, Zachariah T Butterfield, Aramintia Densley, William H Wardle, Joseph S Wardle, Charles M Wardle, Hannah Holt, Silas. D. Wardle, Junius F Wardle, Atheamer Wardle, May Palmer, Alice Wardle her Cross, J Butterfield, Annie S Wardle, Sabrina A Wardle, V Holt, Emeline Wardle, Edna V. Wardle, Rose W Wardle,  J W Palmer.

[page 5 is the promissory note of Atheamer Wardle]
Heman Idaho October 29, 1917
Upon the death of my father, for value received I promise to pay to the order of my sister Crilla Butterfield’s, deceased, two children to wit: Anna May Meyers and Zackariah T Butterfield, three hundred dollars ($300\00) without interest.
Witnessed by Gel H. Lowe.
Atheamer Wardle

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