Sunday, April 30, 2017

Grandma by Lydia Hartle Kilpack

This poem appeared in the Legacy Newsletter for Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Spring 2007.  

Could I leave home and Mother
And sail to a distant shore?
Could I, after losing loved ones, 
Say I was more blessed than before?

Could I give up all I had worked for
To help others on their way?
Do I appreciate the comforts 
That are mine to enjoy today?

Grandma, you could do these things
And do them gladly too
Because your faith in God was strong
And to that faith were true.

If I'm worthy then to meet you
I'll be glad to take your hand
And give my heart-felt love to you
Within that better land.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mary Ashton Wardle Obituary

Found this gem on family Search where it had been contributed by Iva Beckstead.  this lists place of death as West Jordan and age as 20.  She is buried in South Jordan Cemetery which is more likely location of death.  Also they have inflated her age slightly.  Mary's is the last obituary in this picture.

Died: On the 5th inst., at her residence in West Jordan Ward, in child-birth, Mary Ashton Wardle, wife of Isaac Wardle and daughter of William and Sarah Ann Ashton, aged 20 years.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Joey, My Nephew: Keeping the Family Tradition

This is my nephew Joey with his niece, daughter of Linsay, Addison.  Picture shared with me by Geneve.