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My Sister Dianna Norman and her Family

Dianna Wardle Norman

Joshua, Mark, Dianna, Nicole, Anna, Natalie, Heather
Dianna, Nicole, Joshua, Natalie and Heather

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Sophia to Isaac Aug 6, 1879

 This letter includes a report on the baby, Bishops surprise birthday party, and concern for Isaac's health.

August the 6 1879
Dear Husband and father it is whet love and a faction to you and with a thankful hart to our havenly father that i have the privleth to write a fue lines to you and to anser your WellCome letter[.]  We hope that thes fue Words may fined you in better halth for although it is hard for us to hear that you are so un well it is stil harder for you hom [whom] is so far away from home but as you sad in your letters that you had had som kind harted friends.  We trust to god that you may find some won to nurse and comfort you[.]  [page 2] and may god buy his holy spirit Bless you With halth and stringt that you may be able to fulfill this grate work witch god thru his sirvens has cald you to do[.]  We ar all Well at present[.]  all but Martha is had a lame Back but she is beter now Witch We feel truly thankful to all mite god for this Blessing for We kno and realise that it is thru god that we live and exsest her upon the Earth[.]  Therefor We feel to retorne our sincer thanks to him for everre Blessing that We reseved from his hand[.]  i send you 5 Dollars for you to git something that Well Norres [will nourish] you if ther is ine to be got if your halth Dont [page 3] get iney better[.]  do not with stay to long before you report your corcomstanses[.]  We do not thinkg it Wisdom for youto that and brack you constrertushen[.] [break your constitution]  Write as son as you get this short letter and teel us the perticklers about your helt [health] for We ar Angshers [anxious] to here from you[.]  i kin not rite ine more now for my hart is to ful and the teers is Blinding me so that I cant not see and little Siles is Caling me to come to Bed so godnight and God Bless you;  God [good] morning to you Dear husband and farther[.]  I now set me douneto finest [finish] thes short letter[.]  John is going to get a yo [ewe] with 2 tags? and start a hard [herd] for him Salfe[.]  [page 4] We Martha and myself Went down to selabraid [celebrate] the Bishops Birthday[.]  it Was a sirprice Party[.]  the was about 10023 [125] Children and all the bras the bras band plade[.]  Wel it is a buteful improving to the Ward[.]  Brother Vensent was ther[.]  he had to com hom on account of his halth[.]  Thu Bishop Gardner and ant Margeret was ther and him With the rest of our Brothern and Sisters send ther love to you[.]  The Baby is growing[.]  hi [He] is so healte and strong[.]  he logs [looks] like you[.]  he has blue ias [eyes] and his hare [hair] is light[.]  I must now Close thes short letter by asking god to Blas you[.]  the Children all sent ther love to Pa Exsept of Marths and Sophia[.]  love and kises xxxx:xxxxxxxxx

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My Brother Weldon and His Children

Weldon and Sue Wardle
Dustin Wardle

Amber Wardle Neves
Rachelle Wardle
Trevor Wardle

My Sister Connie and her Children

Jelly and Connie Fornoff
Kelly, Connie and Jed
Jed Kelly



Jed        Matt           Aaron

My Sister Sara and her Children

Sara and Clyde Buff
Clyde jr, Krista, Geneve, Katherine

Clyde Eugene Buff Jr.
Krista Ileen Buff
Laura Geneve Buff

Katherine Buff

Joey Buff
Linsay Buff

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Sophia to Isaac Letter While Isaac was on his Mission June 25, 1879

June the 25 1879
Dear husband and father it is with love and afactun that i take my pen to Wright a few line to inform you of how We are gitting along[.]  We are all Well Thank god for this grate Blessing[.]  Martha is gitting along forshate and the Baby is groing nice[.]  he has gained just 1 ½ poud sens he Was born[.]  We hope that your hath is better that it was When he hird from you last and may god With his holey Spirit Bless you with halth and Strength and may he also be as a comforter unto you that you may have faith and trust in him for the futher [future.]  I have bien to see Sister Brooks on the 24 of June[.]  I was [page 2] glad to find hir[.]  I toke tee with hir[.]  I was still more glad to hire [hear] somthink from you and how Well she spoke of you concerning your Mission[.]  she also said that she new that you had the spiret of your Mishion[.]  She is comforterbal first[.]  She sends hir love to you[.]  We ever pray god to Bless and Comfored you pray god to Bless and Comfored your hart for We know that it is a triel for you as Well as it is for us but We know and realize that We must be tried in all thinks and We also Know that if WE are faithful to our god and our relighess We Will be rewarded[.]  John Started the hiered of this morning[.]  he thinks of going to Checkkirck with them[.]  Wool is 19 Cents per pound[.]  the Cheldren all sends there lov and kisses to father[.]  they [page 3] alweas [always] as god to Bless Father in ther prayer that he may returne home to us agane and that he may live long hier opon the Earth[.]  it kipes us all bissy With uor Work[.]  Stil We have a disier to du all that We kin in the absence of our husband Dearest Isaac[.]  We Wood like to to send us Word Wether to send you the Clods [clothes]or the mony[.]  We Will send you som money along[.]  We sent 5 Dollars in our last letter and We Wood like if you Wood Send us word as sun as you reseve it if you got the mony.  We will send our liknesses as Martha is able to ride that fare[.]  Gorden S. Bills is gun [gone] on his Mishon to the Stats Wer Jesse is and Thom [page 4] [Isaac’s note: Come July 11 got it 20.] and Emma Hybird has lost ther Baby[.]  he Was 7 weks old When he Died.  Ankel Tomas and grandmother Becksted Wood like if you Would Wright to them and du Wright to Winward for he thinks that he done so mousth [much] for you that you otto Wright afue lines to him[.]  I must now bring my letter to a close by asking god to Bless you Witch We ask in the name of Jesus Amen.
God Bles you from you kin and loving famele to our kin and loving husband and father Sophis Wardle  Wright as sun you git it.

Letter from Isaac's son John While Isaac was Serving a Mission

August the 7th 1879
Dear father it is with pleasure that I Write you a few lines hoping they will find you better than you have been[.]  the sheep is doing well[.]  they are fat and I expect to start a nother heard[.]  I am not shure yet they are good sheep[.]  so god Bles you.  Yours trueley John Wardle

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Letter from Sophia to Isaac Announcing Birth of Junius

 This letter is the birth announcement Sophia sent to Isaac after the birth of Junius F Wardle 9 June 1879.  He weighed six pounds.

June the 11 1879
Rec June 29 {This may be Isaac’s note]
Dear husband and father knowing that you Would like to hear from us i take my pen to Wright a fue lines to let you know how We are getting along[.]  Martha give birth to a beautiful Boy on the 9 of June Weaing 6 pound[.]  She got along Well for the Lord was with her and Strenghten her for hir task[.]  She is as Well as can be expected[.]  The rest of us are all Well thank god for the great Blessing and We hope that you may injoy the Same Blessing.  We receved your kind and most Welcome letter on the 5 June Dated may the 19.  We was glad to hear from  [page 2]  you and how glad We Was to have your picture[.]  it is a great comfort but We feel very sorey to see you looking so thin and bad but We hope that god well hear and anser our prayter that you may reseve healt and stingt to perform the Duty that may be for you to due.   We pry [pray god to Vles you and Comford your hart and that you may pruve fathful to our fath and god that he may bles the labors of yours hands[.]  if i cold [coule] make you hear me i could explain my feeling agreat Deal better but i hope that we may have the privleght [privledge] soon to convers With you Without the pen[.]  Mother Egbird is With us to night[.]  she sends her love to you and Cubirre and Bena also send ther love to you[.]  you sad for som [page 3] of us to be in the city to reseve that Sister[.]  Jhon in me ear [are] thinking of going for We ar ancious to se somebody that have bein so kind to you and may god grndt [grant] that you may find anoter kind and wirm harted friend[.]  Martha thinks of naming hir little Boy Junious F[.]  We send you a lock of his hair[.]  Siles sead to put the Baby in a letter and send it to Dady[.]  We send you a 5 $ Bill[.]  I Wold like if you could have another picture taken and send me one[.]  it Wold comfort me agreat Deal[.]  May god Bless you and spare your life is the prayer of your hold family[.]  it is giting late[.]  it is 12 a clock and i Wil bring my letter to a close[.]  the Cheldren sends ther love and kisses to pa[.]  martha and me sends love and [page 4]Kisses al to you xxxxxxxxxx[.]  Wright as soon as you reseved this letter[.]  Excuse us for not Wrighting before as as We was she[a]ring[.]  John Spencher give us 25 cents in s[t]amps if We Wold Wright a fue lines and ask you if you Wold be kind Anouf to go and see his Brother before you return home[.]
From you kind and loving family to our kind and loving Husband
Sophia Wardle

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Letter to Isaac from Jesse Vincent, Missionary from South Jordan

This is a letter sent to Isaac by Brother Jesse Vincent, who was also serving a mission at the time Isaac was serving.  The land where the Jordan River Temple is located on what was his original homestead.

May 31 1879  Paintsville, Johnson Co. Kentucky America
I.J. Wardle
Thinking a few lines from one of your fellow laboring missionaries would not be A miss, I sit down to give you A short historey of my experience in traveling and preaching the gospel to this people here in Old Kentucky.  First I hope this fill find you enjoying good ealth and also enjoying your self in your new field of labour.  I am truly thankfull that I can tell you I ham well in boddy and feel as a general thing to enjoy the spirit of my mission.  I left my home as you know the first of Dec 1878 in company with Elders John B. Holt of Mill Creek and John A Groebeck and David G. Dunbar of Salt Lake City.  I and Elder Holt came through leaving the other two behind to visit their friends.  A bout Dec. 27th the two brethren came A long to see us here in Paintsville-stayed A few days and then whent further on.  After A bout 3 weeks they returned, the weather being very cold and severe at the tme freezing from 8 to 10 degrees below zerow.  Elder Groesbeck however began to think he could not stay, injoy the spirit of his mission or do any good.  Finely concluded he should go home which he did[.]  he left us on 24th Jany.  Then thare was three of us left.  We worked to gather and done the best we could.  We traveled and preached but soon found much prejudice and opposition working Against us where ever we whent.  but A mong these we found some honest h[e]arted people who was seeking after truth.  A way up in march we baptized 11 and organized a Branch after while we baptized 6 more April 12nd.  David G. Dunbar was released from here to take A mission to England which he as done[.]  left here May 5th to join those that was called at the Ap Conference to go to England on missions [page 2]  Since that Elder Hold as been release to go home[.]  he is not gone yet but expects to leve in A day or so which leves poor I A lone, but I expect to have A Comanion next week may 24th[.]  I baptized 8 moore making our little Branch to under 25 total.  In coming here we had many dificuteys to contend with, for instan thare was no Saints with 3 or 400 hundred miles.  We was strangers in A strange land; knew no one.  And in the winter season of the year we had to put up at an hotel paying for board for several weeks $4.00.  This we had to do till we could make some friends.  It has been A rather hard mission and A expensif one thus far; but it will be easerer for them that comes now.  Brother Holt says he would of sooner go to England for 18 months than be here 6 months.  Now for the county and people the country his mountainous but thay are not moore than from 2 two 300 feet high, no valleys at all.  You can travel for miles and not see 10 acres of level lant.  The hill are covered with timber of all kinds, large and small and are as steep as the ruff [roof] os A house.  But the people cleare off the timber and farm it.  Thay chant grow any thing scarcely but corn and bitter wheat and potatoes on the best of the land.  Hence the people are very poor.  Yes the poorest of the poor.  The way we have had to live as vone very hard with us at times.  We have not tasted A bit of Beef or mutton since we come here, nor no good potatoes.  Our living his as a general thing corn Bread and Bacon butter and sorgham.  And the way thay make thare Bread when Baked looks just like saw dust mix up and baked for bread.  We can not Eat it.  I have gone for days and weeks and have not had A good meal.  Bro. Wardale it is A hard pill but I am glad.  I came here.  it is the best school I was ever in.  it is an experance that chant be bought for money.  I rote to Bishop Bills and told him I Stronley recommended it to all good and faithful Elders and invited them to go on missions.  If I did not know that this was the true gospel I could not of sacrifice what I have since I have been here.  But I know that the gospel must be preached to all the world before the End can come, tharefor I have willing to do my part.  I know our pay is sure when we have finished our worck on Earth which we have to do. [page 3] I get letters all the time form home.  Everything his going on all right.  Brig his married married to Susan Blake on May 8th so he is all right.  He as got his want supplied.  I received A letter the other from A. Amundsen.  He says every thing his very dule [doll] that is busness.  And produce cheep also wool.  But he thought it was on the raise.  I don’t know as I have much moore to say at present.  I hope you will answer this at you early conevents [convenience] and tell me all the news you can; how the worck his progressing in England and how the times are and the prizs [prices] and grocereys meet and produce in general and all.  The wather here his very hot and dry.  We have had no rain to do any good for it about 7 weeks.  Most every thing his burning up for want of rain.  Now I will tell you how many miles I have walked since I came here.  I have walked 636 miles[.]  how is that for (I)
If you should see any one that I am aquainted with remember me kindly to them.  I wish you much success in you labours.  Hope you may do A good worck and when done return home in safety to family and friends.
I remain you fellow labour in the gospel of Christ,  Jesse Vincent  Paintsville Johnson Co. Kentucky America Amen

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Isaac Wardle Patriarchal Blessing, 1875

This is befor his mission be four years, and the first of three patriarchal blessings.
South Jordan Ward S.L. County, U.S. January 25th 1875
A Blessing given by John Smith Patriarch upon the head of Isaac John Wardle son of John and Mary Wardle born in Ravenstone, Lestershire England June 15th 1835.
Brother Isaac according to thy desire I place my hands upon they head and in the name of Jesus Christ pronounce and leave a blessing upon thee; which shall be a guide and a comfort unto thee.  Thou art of the house of Israel thy pathway hath been fraught with trials and difficultys.  Thy guardian angel hath preserved they life for thou hast yet a mission to perform which if thou art faithful will exalt thee hereafter and give thee peace.  Therefore be upon they guard.  Seek wisdom knowledge and understanding that you may overcome the evils of thy nature and obtain the Spirit of the Lord to direct they mind and give thee strength and grace sufficient for thy day for it is they privilege to live to a good old age and travel much for the gospel sake and assist in gathering tethered? Israel and do a work for they kindred who are now in Darkness for there are many honest in heart who will well rejoice with thee hereafter.  Thou art of the blood of Joseph through the Line of Ephraim and Entitled to the Blessing of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph with the gifts of the Priesthood therefore be prudent to seek to know the will of the Lord concerning thee and though shalt be warned of events to come.  The vision of thine understanding shall be opened and though shalt see and understand things as they are.  Thu shalt realize that the hand of the Lord has been over thee for good; that He has heard they petitions and will answer thee when thou wilt ask in faith.  Thou shalt be prospered in thy journeys at home and abroad; be blessed in thy labour Spiritually and temporally; therefore I say unto thee setting forth fail not and every word of this blessing shall be fulfilled for I seal it upon thee by the virtue of the Hold Priesthood and I seal thee up unto eternal life to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection a Saviousramong they kindred.  Even So Amen.
Patriarchal blessing of Isaac John Wardle recorded in book G pg 873

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Letter to Isaac from Henry Beckstead During His Mission

This letter is interesting as it talks about conditions at home during Isaac's mission.  It also comments on health of the family.  I now have two letter posted about the first brass band in South Jordan.

South Jordan Salt Lake County U.T.  April 8, 1879
I imbrace the opportunity of righting you a few lines in relation to things at home[.]  i miss your assistance in school[.]  The koal thing now is on me[.]  i assist myself at present[.]  i have kep school a going every day[.]  Walter ses [says] he will teach a nother year if i will act[.]  i have Taken lead and got a Brass Band Started here since you left[.]  i sent back east and got the instruments[.]  we can play 2 tunes[.]  we are going to play next Saturday knight—down to the Bishops[.]  there is 12 in the Band[.]  our Teacher for the Band and there names H.B. Beckstead, Nephi Orgat, Wm. A Beckstead, Gordon G. Beckstead, Hamuel H. Beckstead, Edward Orgal, Brigham Sellers, [pg 2] Gordon G. Bills, John Winward, John Hold, William Goff, Lemus Peterson. Teacher for the band Joseph Orgut)  we will give you A chear [cheer] when you come Home a Gain if nothing happens[.]  The weather is very warm and dry[.]  we hant had no Stormes to Amount to any thing sense the last of February[.]   The grass is all dry very near in valley[.]  the hills is very poor[.]  if it don’t rain Soon there sont be a half crop where there is Smal Streames)  We can go up to the big timber with thout any trouble So you can Judge for the balance[.]  Draper wont have enuff to water the old farmes[.]  our garden look very fair at present[.]  i hav ben out to my Sheep for 3 weakes and now i hav got to go on the Jurie next Monday and they think the term will last for 3 months[.]  i am worked out pertanear [pretty near] [.] [page 3] now for your affairs[.]
After you left home you Family was next to Brother Goffs Among all that I have Seen[.]  Som of the Folk wanted to senf do A Doctor but i did not think and i was satsfide in my own mind that no Doctor had the power to heal your Famley without the Assistance of God did assit him[,]  i told your Famley that they Should hav any thing that they thought would help them in evry respect but they would not concent to those that wished to send for A Doctor[.]  I then begin to try to put down the Spirit of doctor by calling the house to order for prair after prair[.]  i then asked Sophi if She had any choice[.]  She said yes i have[,] i felt as thou there was A devil Spirit in the house at that moment[.]  there was several of the elders there[.]  there was plenty of help[.]  we the servants of the most hy God with the Spirit of our calling promised the Famley in the Name of our Lord and Savior that they should be made hoal and sound which God granted According to our wants and our faith[.]  Johney is doing well and i think better than could bee expected with his experience in life[.]  the children all look well and helthey[.]  Martha and Sophi helth is not as good as times past but there is no danger i don’t think[.]  they was worn out with sickness[.]  I think that warm weather set them all right Again[.]  don’t fret about you Famley for while i hav they will have[.]  we send our love to you and pray God to bless you and your labors and protect you from all danger that you may return home when the rite time comes and your labor is done)  your Brother in the Gospel Henry B. Beckstead

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Letter to Issac fron England 1882

 This letter, or two letters, deal with Isaac helping people emigrate from England with the prospects of having them in his employ until they could pay him back for their passage.  These letters are after his mission, not during.

Rush Green 28 Mar/82
Dear Bro. Wardle
I was happy to hear from you through Bro. Jones who received your letter from Bro. Donaldson and I am willing to accept your terms for my Emigration and here-by agree to work for you for one years after arrival in Utah for the sum of ($15.00) fifteen Dollars and board per month and out of that to pay you back what it takes for my Emigration.  Yours very respectfully, Edward Bartlett.
[another page, maybe a different letter]  Dear Bro. Wardle you will understand why I write in answer to your letter.  Bro. Donaldson has been released to return home by the first, or April 12 ship, so he is verry busy.  I have been appointed to take his place.  I have told many of the saints of your letter and all seem glad to hear of you, Any of Bro. Gills folks are willing and [p 2] anxious to gather but as Ed. Bartlett accepted the offer of course there was no more show for them.  You will know I suppose it takes about 3 weeks for a letter to come here from there to arrange accordingly.  It will take about L15 for a pass alone besides his keep from New York to there.  Give their address when writing to Liverpool so they [p 3] can send word of the arrival of the pass immediately.
Thos. Bartlett
Rush Green
Near Lyman Cheshire Eng.