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Sophia to Isaac Letter While Isaac was on his Mission June 25, 1879

June the 25 1879
Dear husband and father it is with love and afactun that i take my pen to Wright a few line to inform you of how We are gitting along[.]  We are all Well Thank god for this grate Blessing[.]  Martha is gitting along forshate and the Baby is groing nice[.]  he has gained just 1 ½ poud sens he Was born[.]  We hope that your hath is better that it was When he hird from you last and may god With his holey Spirit Bless you with halth and Strength and may he also be as a comforter unto you that you may have faith and trust in him for the futher [future.]  I have bien to see Sister Brooks on the 24 of June[.]  I was [page 2] glad to find hir[.]  I toke tee with hir[.]  I was still more glad to hire [hear] somthink from you and how Well she spoke of you concerning your Mission[.]  she also said that she new that you had the spiret of your Mishion[.]  She is comforterbal first[.]  She sends hir love to you[.]  We ever pray god to Bless and Comfored you pray god to Bless and Comfored your hart for We know that it is a triel for you as Well as it is for us but We know and realize that We must be tried in all thinks and We also Know that if WE are faithful to our god and our relighess We Will be rewarded[.]  John Started the hiered of this morning[.]  he thinks of going to Checkkirck with them[.]  Wool is 19 Cents per pound[.]  the Cheldren all sends there lov and kisses to father[.]  they [page 3] alweas [always] as god to Bless Father in ther prayer that he may returne home to us agane and that he may live long hier opon the Earth[.]  it kipes us all bissy With uor Work[.]  Stil We have a disier to du all that We kin in the absence of our husband Dearest Isaac[.]  We Wood like to to send us Word Wether to send you the Clods [clothes]or the mony[.]  We Will send you som money along[.]  We sent 5 Dollars in our last letter and We Wood like if you Wood Send us word as sun as you reseve it if you got the mony.  We will send our liknesses as Martha is able to ride that fare[.]  Gorden S. Bills is gun [gone] on his Mishon to the Stats Wer Jesse is and Thom [page 4] [Isaac’s note: Come July 11 got it 20.] and Emma Hybird has lost ther Baby[.]  he Was 7 weks old When he Died.  Ankel Tomas and grandmother Becksted Wood like if you Would Wright to them and du Wright to Winward for he thinks that he done so mousth [much] for you that you otto Wright afue lines to him[.]  I must now bring my letter to a close by asking god to Bless you Witch We ask in the name of Jesus Amen.
God Bles you from you kin and loving famele to our kin and loving husband and father Sophis Wardle  Wright as sun you git it.

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