Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Letter from Sophia to Isaac Announcing Birth of Junius

 This letter is the birth announcement Sophia sent to Isaac after the birth of Junius F Wardle 9 June 1879.  He weighed six pounds.

June the 11 1879
Rec June 29 {This may be Isaac’s note]
Dear husband and father knowing that you Would like to hear from us i take my pen to Wright a fue lines to let you know how We are getting along[.]  Martha give birth to a beautiful Boy on the 9 of June Weaing 6 pound[.]  She got along Well for the Lord was with her and Strenghten her for hir task[.]  She is as Well as can be expected[.]  The rest of us are all Well thank god for the great Blessing and We hope that you may injoy the Same Blessing.  We receved your kind and most Welcome letter on the 5 June Dated may the 19.  We was glad to hear from  [page 2]  you and how glad We Was to have your picture[.]  it is a great comfort but We feel very sorey to see you looking so thin and bad but We hope that god well hear and anser our prayter that you may reseve healt and stingt to perform the Duty that may be for you to due.   We pry [pray god to Vles you and Comford your hart and that you may pruve fathful to our fath and god that he may bles the labors of yours hands[.]  if i cold [coule] make you hear me i could explain my feeling agreat Deal better but i hope that we may have the privleght [privledge] soon to convers With you Without the pen[.]  Mother Egbird is With us to night[.]  she sends her love to you and Cubirre and Bena also send ther love to you[.]  you sad for som [page 3] of us to be in the city to reseve that Sister[.]  Jhon in me ear [are] thinking of going for We ar ancious to se somebody that have bein so kind to you and may god grndt [grant] that you may find anoter kind and wirm harted friend[.]  Martha thinks of naming hir little Boy Junious F[.]  We send you a lock of his hair[.]  Siles sead to put the Baby in a letter and send it to Dady[.]  We send you a 5 $ Bill[.]  I Wold like if you could have another picture taken and send me one[.]  it Wold comfort me agreat Deal[.]  May god Bless you and spare your life is the prayer of your hold family[.]  it is giting late[.]  it is 12 a clock and i Wil bring my letter to a close[.]  the Cheldren sends ther love and kisses to pa[.]  martha and me sends love and [page 4]Kisses al to you xxxxxxxxxx[.]  Wright as soon as you reseved this letter[.]  Excuse us for not Wrighting before as as We was she[a]ring[.]  John Spencher give us 25 cents in s[t]amps if We Wold Wright a fue lines and ask you if you Wold be kind Anouf to go and see his Brother before you return home[.]
From you kind and loving family to our kind and loving Husband
Sophia Wardle

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  1. Where are pages 3 and 4 of the handwritten letter?