Saturday, August 3, 2013

Letter to Issac fron England 1882

 This letter, or two letters, deal with Isaac helping people emigrate from England with the prospects of having them in his employ until they could pay him back for their passage.  These letters are after his mission, not during.

Rush Green 28 Mar/82
Dear Bro. Wardle
I was happy to hear from you through Bro. Jones who received your letter from Bro. Donaldson and I am willing to accept your terms for my Emigration and here-by agree to work for you for one years after arrival in Utah for the sum of ($15.00) fifteen Dollars and board per month and out of that to pay you back what it takes for my Emigration.  Yours very respectfully, Edward Bartlett.
[another page, maybe a different letter]  Dear Bro. Wardle you will understand why I write in answer to your letter.  Bro. Donaldson has been released to return home by the first, or April 12 ship, so he is verry busy.  I have been appointed to take his place.  I have told many of the saints of your letter and all seem glad to hear of you, Any of Bro. Gills folks are willing and [p 2] anxious to gather but as Ed. Bartlett accepted the offer of course there was no more show for them.  You will know I suppose it takes about 3 weeks for a letter to come here from there to arrange accordingly.  It will take about L15 for a pass alone besides his keep from New York to there.  Give their address when writing to Liverpool so they [p 3] can send word of the arrival of the pass immediately.
Thos. Bartlett
Rush Green
Near Lyman Cheshire Eng.

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