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Sophia to Isaac Aug 6, 1879

 This letter includes a report on the baby, Bishops surprise birthday party, and concern for Isaac's health.

August the 6 1879
Dear Husband and father it is whet love and a faction to you and with a thankful hart to our havenly father that i have the privleth to write a fue lines to you and to anser your WellCome letter[.]  We hope that thes fue Words may fined you in better halth for although it is hard for us to hear that you are so un well it is stil harder for you hom [whom] is so far away from home but as you sad in your letters that you had had som kind harted friends.  We trust to god that you may find some won to nurse and comfort you[.]  [page 2] and may god buy his holy spirit Bless you With halth and stringt that you may be able to fulfill this grate work witch god thru his sirvens has cald you to do[.]  We ar all Well at present[.]  all but Martha is had a lame Back but she is beter now Witch We feel truly thankful to all mite god for this Blessing for We kno and realise that it is thru god that we live and exsest her upon the Earth[.]  Therefor We feel to retorne our sincer thanks to him for everre Blessing that We reseved from his hand[.]  i send you 5 Dollars for you to git something that Well Norres [will nourish] you if ther is ine to be got if your halth Dont [page 3] get iney better[.]  do not with stay to long before you report your corcomstanses[.]  We do not thinkg it Wisdom for youto that and brack you constrertushen[.] [break your constitution]  Write as son as you get this short letter and teel us the perticklers about your helt [health] for We ar Angshers [anxious] to here from you[.]  i kin not rite ine more now for my hart is to ful and the teers is Blinding me so that I cant not see and little Siles is Caling me to come to Bed so godnight and God Bless you;  God [good] morning to you Dear husband and farther[.]  I now set me douneto finest [finish] thes short letter[.]  John is going to get a yo [ewe] with 2 tags? and start a hard [herd] for him Salfe[.]  [page 4] We Martha and myself Went down to selabraid [celebrate] the Bishops Birthday[.]  it Was a sirprice Party[.]  the was about 10023 [125] Children and all the bras the bras band plade[.]  Wel it is a buteful improving to the Ward[.]  Brother Vensent was ther[.]  he had to com hom on account of his halth[.]  Thu Bishop Gardner and ant Margeret was ther and him With the rest of our Brothern and Sisters send ther love to you[.]  The Baby is growing[.]  hi [He] is so healte and strong[.]  he logs [looks] like you[.]  he has blue ias [eyes] and his hare [hair] is light[.]  I must now Close thes short letter by asking god to Blas you[.]  the Children all sent ther love to Pa Exsept of Marths and Sophia[.]  love and kises xxxx:xxxxxxxxx

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