Sunday, August 7, 2016

Charlie Took Me to Wright Genealogy Sites in Lindon, Utah

Charlie and I had a pleasant drive through Lindon looking at genealogy sites.  This included a visit to the old Hyrum Wright home.  He had two wives, his first passed away.  He had family by both wives.

There was another local Lindon home on which Hyrum also worked.

We also went to the cemetery where we found Hyrum and his wives.  We also found his parents and a few of his children.  

a child

When Charlie and I saw this we thought maybe we had found another child.  However turns out this is the original headstone for Anna Wright and now there is a newer one shown before.

a child

Wright names on cemetery directory
 We also drove down to Geneva Park where there are still trees which came from Hyrum Wright's nursery.

Pretty fun little jaunt for a Sunday morning.