Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Mother's Aunt and Her Husband, Kate Marie Brandley Coburn and Elmo Coburn

Uncle Elmo Coburn

Ruth and Marie
 Marie is the next youngest than my Grandmother Mina Geneve.  Grandmother is the oldest of the family, children of Carl G. Brandley and Jane Jeremy.  She was married to Elmo Preston Coburn in 1912 in Salt Lake City.  They made their home in Saint Anthony, Utah.  They were the parents of five children.   Elmo passed away in 1970 and Marie in 1976.  They are buried in Ammon, Idaho.

Mina Geneve and Marie Brandley

Elmo and Marie in back row

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas of Altheamer's son: A Nickel and an Orange

Altheamer was Isaac's son.  This is a response I received from Virginia Hopson on a previous post.  I wonder if this tradition was common for many families at the time; or if there were other Christmas traditions.  

Virginia Hopson Billy, I don't know what Isaac did at Christmas, But my Dad (Atheamer's son) said on a good Christmas they would find an Orange on their plate, and a nickle under it. not so good Christmas's they would be lucky to find a penny under the plate but no Orange. Back in the 90's my daughter and I gave my Dad an up dated Christmas consisting of an Orange on his plate and Fifty cents under his plate.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Trip to Gale Center of History and Culture

While we were in South Jordan, we made a quick trip to the Gale Center in South Jordan.  The most interesting aspect I found outside, a replica of a dugout house, and a replica of an out house.  Inside their were displays of the 1938 train-bus accident as well as the story of Henry Beckstead who is credited with founding South Jordan.  (Isaac Wardle was with him, as he was living with the family at the time, and as he was the only adult not a direct member of the family is often credited as a co-founder.  We watched the movie which explains much of this history, and includes an interview with Roy Wardle, a descendant on the Wardle side.

Jordan River Temple is close to Isaac's original homestead.
Tony liked the trees by the temple

Dugout replica

Backside of the dugout with stovepipe on top.