Saturday, February 23, 2013

Isaac Wardle: legal documents

Isaac's Brand

Seventies Certificate
High Priest Certificate

Music for "We Became Acquainted With God

My Music; We Became Acquainted With God

This is the song for our handcart musical based on the words of Frances Webster.

We Became Acquainted With God

The Spirit of God rested on our hearts
That spirit saw us through,
Helping us through times of doubt,
Because we traveled for Thee.

In God there is great power
You can feel it hour by hour.
God's miracles are real
We thank him when we kneel.

The angels of God helped us on our way,
Giving us health and strength
To push and pull our handcarts,
Because we traveled for Thee.

You'll not hear us complain,
With God we did acquaint.
The price we paid was small
To heed a Celestial call.

We know God is there we felt Him in our bones
With every step we took
And in our extremnities
We became acquainted with God.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Teton Pass; Freighting: Great Grandpa William Haston

William Haston Wardle was an early carrier of freight and mail to Jackson Hole over Tetton Pass.

I don't know if there are any Wardles in these pictures.  However I have an inkling there might be.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Pictures of James Wilford Wardle Sr and his Jobs

Threshing 1911-1912
 Dad threshing grain when the snow was deep; In January Teton Basin (from back of picture)
Threshing in Teton Basin in the winter of about 1911 or 1912 (from back of picture)
Teton Coal Mine about 1912, Wilford Wardle loading coal (note on back)

Putting up hay at [Dritip? see below] That was before we were married, about 1912.  Wilford is driving the bullrake [buckrake.]

 Father during harvest combine grain at Rockland 1931 or 32 (on back)

Dad at Whitmores, he is driving the horses harvesting grain at Rockland
Dad and the horses when he was plowing (on back)

Wilford Wardle on farm S of Rigby going to plow the field (on back)

Dad seeding the wheat (on back)

Monday, February 11, 2013

James Wilford Wardle Sr.: Road Camp: Pine Creek 1927


I thought these were depression era pictures, but in looking closer at the back they are dated 1927, predating the depression.  The note included identifies my grandfather as to the left of the man with the rolling pin.  I know grandfather took jobs as they were available, including depression era work camps.  In addition to this road, he also worked on the road from Teton Basin to Jackson Hole.  You can see shovels and axes, very basic tools for road building.  I assume the man with the rolling pin is a cook.
The note was written by my father in 1974.  It says: The writing on the backs of these photos is done by Wilford Wardle.  It is impossible to identify anyone in the general view of the camp.  Wilford Wardle is just to the left of the man with the rolling pin.  Reed Wardle said the person standing on the right end is Marion Thompson,  Vernal Wardle said it was not Marion Thompson, but could not identify any except his brother Wilford. Jim Wardle, Dec 22, 1974
The back of the general view states, "When I was working Road Camp on Pine Creek 1927.  The other is more general, "Road Camp 1927 Pine Creek.

Norval Wardle, My Great Uncle

Norval was a next to youngest son of William Haston Wardle and Annie Serena Sorensen Wardle.  He was born when my grandfather was 18.  He was a patriarch for many years, first in Iowa and then in Logan.  He actually gave my brother and I our patriarchal blessings.  He wasn't in our stake, but we received special permission to go to him. 

Grandma Melissa Ann Shaw Wardle

The obituary for Grandma Wardle is here.  She passed away while I was on my mission.  On the back of her program was printed the poem, "The Weaver".

Friday, February 8, 2013

More Isaac Wardle Histories

Isaac John Wardle - History of Idaho Vol. III 1920 (page 507, Joseph S. Wardle)

Joseph S. Wardle, a ranchman who resides on the Boise bench two miles southwest of Boise...His father was Isaac John Wardle, of St. Anthony, Idaho, who passed away in October, 1917, at the age of eighty-two years. He was born in Lincolnchire, (Leicestershire) England, June 13, (14th) 1835, and came to the United States in 1852 (1856) as a convert to the Mormon church. He at once proceeded across the plains to Utah, making the trip on foot with a handcard company, being then a lad of eighteen (twenty) years. He came to the new world unaccompanied by relatives, but after he had been in Utah a few years he sent to England for his parents, who joined him in Utah, he paying their passage to the United States. Twenty-two years ago (1898) Isaac John Wardle removed from Utah to Idaho and resided at St. Anthony throughout his remaining days. He was a sheep raiser and the excellent opportunities for carrying on the industry in Idaho caused him to locate in this state. He was very active in the work of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving as superintendent of a Sunday school in Salt Lake City for eighteen years. He was married three times and by his first wife, Martha Ann Egbert, had ten children...The mother died December 9, 1916. By his second wife Isaac J. Wardle had one child, a son, William H. Wardle, now living in Teton county, Idaho. By his third marriage he had four children, of whom three are living. His family numbered fifteen children together, of whom ten yet survive (1920).

Isaac John Wardle - From the book "Church Chronology" (published 1898)

"Sun. 20. (March 1887) - At a meeting held at South Jordan, the Seventies residing in Riverton, Bluff Dale and Herriman were separated from the 33rd quorum of Seventy...On the same occasion the 95th quorum was organized with Edwin D. Holt, James Oliver, Issac J. Wardle, Albert Holt, Andrew Amundsen, Henry B. Beckstead and Alexander Bills as presidents. The members of this quorum resided in South Jordan Ward."

"April. Fri. 1. (1887). - Herriman, Salt Lake Co., was raided by U.S. deputy marshals; nearly every house in the village was searched, but no arrests were made. Sat. 2. (April 1887) - South Jordan, Salt Lake Co., was raided by U.S. deputy marshals, who arrested Alexander Bills and Henry Beckstead for u.c. (unlawful cohabitation). Mon. 4. (April 1887) Ole Hansen, of Logan, was arrested for u.c. and placed under $1,500 bonds. Tues. 5. (April 1887) - Karl G. Maeser, of Provo, was arrest on a charge of u.c. Lars Nielsen and John Felt, of Huntsville, Weber Co., were arrested on the same charge, taken to Ogden and placed under bonds."

"Mon. 26. (Sep. 1887) In the Third District Court Henry Beckstead, of South Jordan was sentenced to six months' imprisonment and $100 fine; and Joseph H. Ridges, of Salt Lake City, to six months' imprisonment and $25 fine. for u.c."

"Wed. 4. (June 1890) - Isaac J. Wardle, of South Jordan, Salt Lake Co., was arrested for u.c. (unlawful cohabitation)"

Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah,  Frank Esshom, Salt Lake City 1966

WARDLE, ISAAC JOHN (son of John Wardle and Mary
Kinston, the former of Ravenstone, Bng., the latter of Snayson,
Leicestershire, E n g . ) . , Born June 14, 1835, at Ravenstone.
Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Martin "frozen"
handcart company.
Married Martha A. Egbert April 17, 1859 (daughter of
Samuel Egbert and Maria Beckstead, pioneers 1849), who
was bom March 1, 1844, and came to Utah with parents.
Their children: Isaac John b. Oct. 31, 1862, m. Alice Robinson;
Samuel ta. Peb. 4, 1864, d. March 26, 1864; Crella Marie
b. Oct. 15, 1864, m. Zachariah Butterfield; Araminta ta. April
25, 1868, m. Daniel Densley; Joseph Smith ta. Sept. 13, 1870,
m. Sabina Ann Beckstead; Hyrum Smith b. May 26, 1873.
d. July 26, 1873; Silas D. b. July 16, 1875, m. Emeline Orgill;
Junius P. b. June 9, 1879; Btney May b. May 15, 1882, m.
John William Palmer; Edgar R. b. May-15, 1882, d. Sept,
3, 1882. Family home South- Jordan, Utah.
Married Mary Ann Ashton, 1868, Salt Lake City (daughter
of William Ashton, pioneer 1856, Edward Martin "frozen"
handcart company). She was born at Oldham, Lancastershire,
Eng. Their child: William H. b. April 5, 1869, m.
Annie Sorenson.
Married Sophia Meyers July 26, 1869, Salt Bake City
(daughter of Charles P. Meyers and Annie Jacobson, pioneers
Oct. 1, 1862, Joseph Horne company). She was born Sept.
11, 1849, in Denmark. Their children: Charles M. b. Dec.
18, 1870, m. Harriet Rhodehouse; Hannah M. b. March 13,
1873, m. Robert N. Holt; Atheamer M. b. Sept. 3. 1881, m.
Rosa Powell; Wilford Woodruff b. Oct. 6, 1883, d. Aug. 7,
Took an active part in the Echo Canyon trouble. Missionary
to England 1879; superintendent South Jordan Sunday
school 1879-97; home missionary; ward teacher; high
priest. Moved from South Jordan, Utah, to Parker, Idaho,

Sunday, February 3, 2013

James Wilford Wardle Sr.

J. Wilford Wardle Funeral Rites Held
James Wilford Wardle, 80, a long-time resident of Rigby, died September 23 at an Idaho Falls hospital where he had been a patient for two weeks.
He was born Nov. 2, 1891 at South Jordan, Utah, a son of Haston and Annie Sorena Sorenson Wardle.  He grew up in Utah and married Melissa Ann Shaw April 10, 1914 in the Salt Lake LDS temple.
He lived in Teton Basin for a number of years where he assisted his father on a sheep ranch, freighted mail and hauled freight into Jackson Hole. He was also a farmer in this community for several years and worked as a carpenter.  He was an Elder in the LDS church, served as a home teacher MIA counselor and Sunday School superintendent, and also worked with Boy Scouting program for many years.  Retiring from his farm south of Rigby, the Wardles have since lived on South First West.
Survivors are his widow, Melissa Wardle, Rigby; son and daughters, Mrs Audrey Chase, Pocatello, Mrs. Lula Beesley, Rigby, James Wilford Wardle Jr., Hyrum, Utah, Mrs James (Phyllis) Olsen, Menan, Mrs. Wm (Verna) Poenix, Az.; and there are 24 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.  A son and two daughters preceded him in death.  Surviving brothers and sisters are Mrs Mary Rupp, Pocatello, Leon Wardle Apache Junction Arizona, Vernal Wardle, Pocatello, Mrs. Dellilah Penfold, Driggs, Reed Wardle, Idaho Falls, Dr. Norval Wardle, Ames, Iowa, Dr. Orrin Wardle , Fresno, Calif.
Funeral services were held Tuesday at 1:30 at the Rigby First ward chapel with Bp. Lynn Jensen officiating.  Interment Pocatello Mt. View Cemetery.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wardles to Celebrate 50th Wedding Date

Wardles To Celebrate 50th Wedding Date
Rigby, March 22   Mr. and Mrs. J Wilford Wardle will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on March 28 at their home 126 S. 1st West in Rigby.  Friends and relatives are invited to attend between the hours of 1 and 4 p.m.  They request no gifts.
The couple was married in the Salt Lake L.D.S. Temple April 8, 1914.  Mrs. Wardle is the former Melissa Shaw, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Osmond W. Shaw early pioneers of the Teton Basin Valley.  She was born Sept. 10, 1893.
Mr. Wardle is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Wardle and was born at South Jordan, Utah Nov. 2, 1891.
At the time f their marriage he was employed as a mail carrier hauling the mail from Victor to Jackson in  buggy.  He was later employed as a freighter in the same area using heavy wagons to haul freight.  He has also been a farmer, live-stock owner and operator and was known for his carpenter work.
Mrs. Wardle is well known for her handwork and for her drapery making.  They have both been active in church work.  She has taught Sunday School and Primary for many years and has served as secretary in several organizations.  Active in Daughters of Utah Pioneers whe has been the commander of the Dorian Camp in Rigby.
He has worked in the MIA in Sunday School and was once in the superintendency.
They have made their home at Victor and in this area.  They are parents of eight children, five of whom are living.  They include Mrs. Ellis (Audrey) Chase, Pocatello; Mrs. Jack (Lula) Beesley Rigby; James Wilford Jr., Logan, Utah; Mrs. James (Phyllis) Olson, Menan; and Mrs. Bill (Verna) Green, Salt Lake City, Utah.  They also have 21 grandchildren.

These are my grandparents.  I assume this is from the Rigby paper, but may be Idaho Falls.