Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Dad's visits with Uncle Leo Wardle and Aunt Joy Jean Williams Wardle

Aunt Joy Wardle, wife of Uncle Leo and myself, taken at The Playland in San Francisco sometime in 1945, Jim Wardle

This excerpt is taken from my father's WWII history.  I took it from the letters he wrote while serving in the Navy.  He was stationed at Treasure Island, San Francisco for radio school.
Uncle Leo and Aunt Joy: Uncle Leo was Grandpa's brother, six years his junior and the fourth child.  (Grandpa is James Wilford Wardle Sr.  Their parents are William Haston Wardle And Anne Sorenson.)  His wife was Joy.  Joy was Leo's second wife.  His first marriage ended in separation.  Dad must have found his aunt and uncle quickly after arriving in San Francisco.  "I'm goig to spend Saturday afternoon and evening with them again this weekend." (letter 181)
Dad mentioned his missing the potatoes that were sent to Mrs. Llewelyn (in Clarksville, Arkansas where he was stationed before.)  "Never mind the potatoes....  On second thought, why not send them right to Uncle Leo?  I was thinking it would be too much bother to take them over there but you could sent it right to them."  (letter 181)
He called them next week and they were looking for Junior, Dad's cousin to visit (Ulysses Grant Daniels Jr. Aunt Delilah's son.)  "I called Aunt Joy up yesterday.  They were rather looking for Junior.  I don't know if he came or not."  (letter 183)  Later he commented about Junior.  "Junior was through here last week.  He called Aunt Joy and told her he was coming over, and then never showed up.  That guy seems rather undependable to me.  I've been down to meet him at the station twice and he's never shown up or even given an explanation."  (letter 193)
Dad loved the theater and Aunt Joy took Dad to see "Othello."  "She is going to buy a ticket to 'Othello' for me.  It is going to be lovely.  The wonderful singing of Paul Robeson and the immortal play of Shakespeare."  (letter 183)  "I saw Othello last night.  Oh, Ive never seen anything as wonderful.  I only wished I'd read the play before so I oculd have understood it a little better.  It was simply grand.  I had a fairly good seat too.  It was a little to one side but otherwise okay.  They only cost $3.60.  (letter 184)
Dad spent a day with AUnt Joy in San Francisco.  "I didn't tell you about spending last weeken with Aunt Joy, did I?  Well we went out to Play land.  That's a permanent carnival, all lkinds of rides, concesions and so forth.  There was a couple of their friends with us.  Junior was supposed to be with us but he didn't show up." (letter 184)
Dad spent another weekend with them, and Junior was supposed to have been there as well but wasn't.  (letter 185)  Dad went there every two or three weeks.  (letter 186)Dad used their car at times, and asked his parents for gas coupons (gas was rationed during the war.)  "Joy and Leo are fine.  I saw them Saturday.  [I] got the car that night.  If you could send a gas ticket I'd appreciate it.  Leo didn't say so but dropped a little hint he'd like some gas whenever I use it.  It's only fair because I burn it all.  (letter 190)  Dad received some gas coupons form home but still needed more.  "Say that gas stamp came exactly at the right time."  (letter 191)  "It's almost desperately necessary that I get some gas coupons if you have any extras."  (letter 195)
Around the time of Dad's birthday, he toured with Uncle Leo and Aunt Joy.  They traveled towards Santa Rosa.  "{[I went} up the country with Aunt Joy and Uncle Leo Sunday.  We went to a place called Sebastopol.  They have some friends living there who have a small apple orchard.  All in all I enjoyed the weekend."  (letter 198)
Towards the end of Dad's stay at Treasure Island he said this about Aunt Joy and Uncle Leo.  "Aunt Joy wanted me to ask you if you had any extra red points and if you did she could really use them.  If you have, send them to me and I can give them to her.  They have been so good to me." (letter 200)
Dad's mother and sister, Lula, came to visit him in San Francisco in June and July of 1945.  They stayed with Uncle Leo and Aunt Joy.