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Robert Dansie: Missionary to England; Isaac's Contemporary

Robert Dansie

Isaac Wardle
I noticed that the name R. Dansie was in the New York Times article in which Isaac Wardle was returning home.  Also there is a letter Isaac wrote about Robed Dansie who was going to travel home with him.  My brother is married to Diane Dansie from Sandy, and this was enough consequence so I asked.  Robert Dansie was a settler in Herriman, Utah.  (Herriman is just South of South Jordan.)  Robert Dansie's wife died while crossing the plains.  Charlie, my brother sent me this message, "Billy I looked at Robert Dansie mission to England It didn't say much and didn't mention Isaac Wardle but here what it said about his release-Aug 18, 1879 From Great Britain. The following on account of ill health: R. Dansie, William England, and Jonathan Midgley. They will return to Utah with the company that will sail from Liverpool Sept 6th (Saturday) 1879."
There were several Missionaries who came home sick on the same boat with Isaac.  There were about 20 returning missionaries in all.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sheri and I and Children


Billy Boy Wardle
NataliaWardle Moore
With Ty Moore
Mark William Wardle

Sebi Elizabeth Payne, Olie, Elliott Wilford Wardle Mark

 Jeremy Tate Wardle
Kayla Burns Wardle and Jeremy

Charity Dawn Wardle Hall

With Anthony Hall
Canberly Rose Hall

Miranda Jane Wardle

Caleb James Wardle
Anthony David Wardle 

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