Thursday, September 19, 2013

Isaac Letter Jun 3, 1879,

Isaac in this letter proposes a name for the baby, Atheamer.  The name he proposed was Abraham for a boy and Sarah for a girl.
Wigan Jun 3 1879 La Ed
To my Dar Famaly, it is With plusher that i have this privlig to set me Down to anset your most Walkam faver of may 14[.]  i Was thankful to all myty god that he had brought you all safe thrue so far and that you are feeling so Well in sperits and that god Bleseng is With you[.]  i hope that you Will Live so as to keep that good sprit for with out you nor i can be Comforted in all We have to pas thrue[.]  i Wood be very glad to bee at home again to have the privleg to talk to you all and to see my Dear Wives and Children and to Comfet you and to teach you the fath i Wood Like you to go but i have not aney falt to find With my Lot[.]  i knower that this is Work of the Lord[;] that [pg 2] i ham in godez in [God’s hand] and you all[,] so this will be the gratest Experence of my Life as i told you[.]  i Did think When i said What i was saying as i do now but god as haver [ever] been With me in all i have been Callad to pas by is [his] spirit[.]  bee of good Cheer[.]  all Will [be well] if We put our trust in god[.]  mathay [Martha] you said that you Wood like me to send you a Litle Comfort[.]  i hope i have not sent Eney Think [anything] Elce as yet and i hope i never shall[.]  i hope that god Will bles you and strethen you for Wat you have to pas and that you and the Dear Litle one may Live to halp to Bild up god kingdom for this is the most that i have on my mind[.]  it seems that i have nothing [else] to Live [pg 3] for[.]  i Wood like if you Wood name the Babey if it is a boy Abraham[.]  fi [if] a girl Call it Sarah[;] but if this dus not sut you all Right I ham not bitter??.  Du as seemeth you good[.]  i hope that you and all of the family Will be of good Chear and not fret a bout me[.]  Do the Best you Can for your self[.]  when you Can help me Du it but i Do not Want you to sent me Eney thing when you Nead it[.]  i Wood like if mother Egbert Wood be With you Whan you are sick and tell father Egbert i Wood Like if he Wood Come up and see to you as i am not thare my salf and spand a Day wonce in awile [once in a while] With you[.]  i hope he Will hill this mishin[.]  it is just as much [h]is this mine—to see to [h]is dauter[.] [pg 4]  father i told you 20 years a go that i Wood Do the very bast that i Cood for you Dauter[.]  I now am faray Way [far away][.]  i hope that you Will Not think it to much truble : tell all of the boys i Wood be very glad to hear from them[.]  I have not had time [to] Right to Eney 1 [anyone] lasely [lately] as i travel from house to house Evry Day[.]  i gat home Every t[w]o Wheaks to stay 1 or 2 Days and start again[.]  my time is taken up almost in preachin talking to the peple from Morning till 10 to 12 o Clock in the Night: beside other Things i have to see to on Sunday[.]  i genely [generally] atend 5 to 6 Meetings so you see that i kep bizey.  John Do Wat you think Best Weather you gat marid or Not but i Wood Like to be thaire With you to heat som muten and puden[.]  Du Not Right only one Every to Weks as i Do not get them till i come home.
[this is the end of this letter although there was likely more]

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