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Isaac Mission Letter Home August 7, 1879

In this letter Isaac gives some detail of his illness.
Digmoore Ag 7 1879 Loneshire ED
To my Dere Wives and Children good morning to you one and all[.]  i hope that you are all Well at this time[.]  i hom very glad to tell you that my halth is much beter than i have been for some time thank god[.]  i have been in the hands of very find frends[.]  i make mantin of Bro and sister Marsh and Wilksen at Wigan all[.]  John tinsely and glover Newtoune and sis Ruebetem up holen and Bro and sister Derby shirs at Digmore and many others as far as thay Can make one Cumfeble Wich i feel thankful to hall mity god that he as been so minful of me as to Rase up frends to minester to me in time of need and i hope and pray that god Will bles them for Evry thank that thay have Dun to Comfert me [pg 2] in my aflicton thrue Wich i have past so far[.]  i have ben Releas from been [being] presedt of the Wigan Districk on the a Count of my halth and appointed to prisede [preside] over the Chester Districk to Wich place i have been once[.]  present Budas and bunting told me to travel Eney Whare i thout proper for 1 or 2 Wheaks but thay Wood Like me to bee in Liverpool at Confrence on the 17.  This Climit [climate] is very injures to meney of the Elders[.]  it as Raned [rained] all this Wheak[.]  We had 4 or 5 Day Dry Wather the Last 2 Wheaks.  4 Days before that Whe only had some 4 or 5 Days that Whe sawe the sune[.]  it Ranes most all the time[.]  i Do not see how the Erth Drink all the Water that Comes frome abote[.]  it looks Like the judgments of god as come in this Land[.]  I hope that [pg 3]the Lord Will gather out is sants before the grate Deluge shall Come on the Wicked for i can see tham Coming very fast[.]  i mean them that i spoken of in the 18 Chapter of Ravelation[.]  it Wood be good for our yong men to Reed that Chaper and to inform them selves with pidetions [predictions] of the servants of god.  i have injoyed my salf very much in my Labers travling and preaching to the sants and i tell you i Never felt haper [happier] in my Life than I Du in speeking to thos house [who] no [know] not the gospel of god.  in the open house our out Done meetings as been very Well attended[.]  We have a Litle opesition but that nothing[.]  it honly halpe to make us to prepare our selves for the Work of god and to put our trust in him and We feel [pg 4] that he as Ever been With us for When the Larned Minersters Come to oppose us We Come of [off] vistores [victorious] and We have had frands in Every place to We have been opposed for god as given us his sprit[.]  so far I recved my son John Later Dated July 6:  i was glad that he felt to due all that he had to make me and my famaley comfoble[.]  i was sorey to Larne the lose of sheep but i thout Like gave the Lord giveth and the taketh a Way[;] blessed bee the Name of the Lord: i Will Do my Duty to the Best of my ability if god Will be so kind to give me his sprit to gide me thue this Life so that i may Receve Eterneal Life in the World to Come[.]  Wives and Children Be fathful to Eath [each] other and to your god and i knows We shall meet [pg 5] again[.]  Do not Du Enething to heart [hurt] one another feelings.  Comfert another all you can[.]  i feel in my hart to Bles you all and ask god to bles you and i hope that you Will [be] preserved from all the snares that beset mortles heare on Erth[.]  i Wood be glad to see you all but Wate till the Right time shall Come[.]  I shall right [write] you before Long to informed you how my halth is[.]  i have not wrote much to you Latley on accunt of me halth[.]  i hope that you and all of my breathen Will forgive me for it[.]  tell all the nebers [neighbors] i have not forgo them[.]  i Wood be glad to hear from them Eney time[.] [pg 6]  i Expct to Right to maney of them When i Can set at a table[.]  the resene [reason] is that i Can not[.]  i have got bad pane [pain] in my Brest and kidneys[.]  i Can Walk Beter than set daune to Right[.]  bee of good Chear [cheer] [.]  all Will be Right With me[.]  i got a Later from J A dover? The other Day[.]  tell him i feel thankfull it[.]  i Will Right him as soon as i Can[.]  i must Conclude With my Love and Efecten to you all[.]  take Care of the Baby[.]  send me Word how he is[.]  good by[.]  god bless you all is the prare of your husben and father Isaac J Wardle[.]  Bee good Children[.] all right a farther [father] a little peace in a Later if no more make a X

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