Monday, September 2, 2013

Isaac's Second Patriarchal Blessing

June 6. 1904
A blessing given by G Oz Liljenquist Patriarch on the head of Isaac John Wardle son of John Wardle and Mary Cinston Wardle born June 14, 1835 at Ravenstone Lestershire England.  Brother Isaac in the name to the Lord Jesus Christ and by virtue of the holy priesthood I seal upon you and fathers and a patriarchal blessing with the blessing of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Joseph and Ephraim and of the new and everlasting covenants with health and strength of mind and body that you may live, fulfill your mission to the honor and glory of God.  Enjoy revelations of the holy spirit have communion with the holy angels.  I seal up on you the keys of wisdom and prudence with attributes of faith that you may be a wise counsel in your family and among your brotheren.  Have power to heal the sick, a friend to the poor the sick and the afflicted, the widow and the fatherless and lead souls in the way of life and salvation.  A peace of God shall dwell in your hearts in your homes and habitations and in you ministery and be upon the labors of your hands, your fields and your orchards and upon your flocks and your herds and upon those that are near and dear unto you, whome the Lord has give unto you to watch over; and the destroyer shall not have power over them.  Be of good cheer for the Lord is your friend.  His all seeing eye is watching over you.  He knows the desires of your hearts.  He has heard your prayers excepted [accepted] of your offerings, forgiven you your sins and short comings.  Continue to call upon his name an you shall be blest all the days of your live.  Be kind to your associates as the Lord has been kind to you and shall gain the victory over sin hell and the grave.  The blood of Epheram is flowing through your veins and you shall enjoy the fullness of the holy priesthood with crowns and kingdoms in the morning of the first resurrection.  Keep the lord’s commandments and sustain his work upon the earth and you shall bless you and yours by night and by day in time and in eternity.  And I seal you up unto eternal life to your faithfulness unto the end.  The holy angels shall be your companions and you shall receive all of your blessing in the holy Tempels and you shall know a crown of righteousness if laid up for you.  Do all the good you can for your kindreds that have died with out the gospel, that they may come forth with you in the morning of the first resurrection and be a part of that glourious kingdom.  I seal these blessing upon you and seal you up and this I do in the name of Jesus Christ, Even so, Amen
A patriarchal blessing by [for]
Isaac John Wardle
June 6, 1904

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