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Obituary for Sara Jane Wardle Buff

Sara Jane Wardle Buff


Sara Jane Wardle Buff
October 9, 1950 - December 31, 2015
Sara Jane Buff passed away in Boise, Idaho, after a courageous battle with cancer. Sara spent her last few months displaying her quiet yet determined strength while surrounded by her loving family just as she had lived. Sara was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and is the oldest daughter of James and Ileen Wardle. Sara was a lifelong active member of the LDS Church. Sara was married to her loving husband, Clyde Buff Sr., on Oct. 10, 1969. 
Sara's crowning achievements in life were her six children and 16 grandchildren. They were truly the light of her life. Sara's best days were spent caring for her family. This was her passion, and she was truly great at it. Her grandchildren knew Grandma was just a call away and would be in attendance at every important event. Sara's kitchen was the center of family gatherings, and everyone loved her cooking.
Sara is loved and survived by her mother Ileen Wardle; her siblings, Connie (Kelly) Fornoff, Weldon (Sue) Wardle, Billy (Sheri) Wardle, Charlie (Diane) Wardle and Diana (Mark) Norman; her children Krista (Brant) Petersen, Geneve (Eric) Derossett, Kathy Gilbert, Joey Buff and Linsey (Jason) Kopke; and many grandchildren. Sara is preceded in heaven by her son, Clyde Buff Jr.; her three grandsons, Skyler, Forrest and Ashton; her father, James Wardle, and her nephew Trevor Wardle. 
A viewing will be held Saturday, Jan. 9, from 10 to 11 a.m. at the Castle Park LDS Church, 5900 Castle Drive, Boise, Idaho, with services to follow. Burial will be at Morris Hill Cemetery.

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Sara Jane Wardle Buff: Born 8 October 1950, Passed Away 31 December 2015

With Baby Weldon, Sara on left
Sara Jane Wardle was born 8 October 1950.  She passed away December 31, 2015.  This is a photographical essay of her life.  She was born in Idaho Falls, and when she was first born, My mother and father lived in Rigby, Idaho.
With Tommy Hill (cousin), Sara is on right

With Mom

With Dad and Aunt Rose Marie

With Mom and Grandma Wardle

With Great Grandmother Anne Sorenson Wardle to the right of her
These pictures are from a Wardle reunion.  Both great grandparents had passed away before I was born.
With Great Grandfather William Haston Wardle

With Aunt Rose Marie and Uncle Marvin
With Aunt Audrey?
From Rigby, my folks moved to Burley and Rupert.  My sister Connie was born in Burley.  
Sara and Connie and my folks

From Rupert/Burley area the family moved to Othello Washington, Eastern Washington, where my Dad raised potatoes mostly.  Weldon, I and Charlie were born in Othello. 
Connie and Sara when Dad and Grandpa went and brought parts for our new house.  They bought an old army house.
With Baby Weldon

Baby Billy, Sara in front

Farm in Othello

Not sure where taken or where Connie is.

Sara with ??? on Othello farm

Othello farm

Othello farm with a dog
Sara has gotten very tall, on the right
Potato farmer

school portrait

Charlie in front, Sara in back, Othello house

Sara in her room.
I don't think that is Momma with them
Swimming!  Sara on left
One time Dad asked Sara to drive a tractor back to the house form a field.  At that time this was beyond her capabilities.  She tipped the tractor over with her on it.  She was lucky not to have received more serious injuries but scraped herself pretty good.
Behind the teacher
Sara standing
Taken in Rigby, Sara on the left

Baby Weldon, Sara on right

Picture from Idaho Falls and our camper.  We moved from Othello when Sara was 13 years old.  Sara is in the middle
From Idaho Falls we moved to Cache Valley, Providence for a summer and then to Hyrum for the start of school.  Her are some photos from our Hyrum days.  I don't have many of Sara with her friends, but family pictures.  
Us kids with Mom

With Grandma and Grandpa Wardle

Christmas in Hyrum

We loved the Tetons, this is in that area
With the Andersons, Nola, Sara, Connie, Charlie, Marvin, Billy Tammy and Weldon in front.

5 kids in Hyrum

Full family with Dianna who added.  Dianna was born in Logan while we lived in Hyrum

Portrait Hyrum house

The Tetons

Again in Hyrum

With FeeFee

In pajamas

Jackson Hole

Hyrum house


Sara front row, 5th from right
Sara would have attended South Cache Jr. High School and Sky View High School when this school was fairly new.  After her sophomore year we moved to Illinois and she graduated from high school there.
With her clarinet

Hyrum Christmas
Mom and kids.
 When Dianna was born we were all down at the City Square for the Easter celebration and egg hunt.  This was always Easter Saturday.  It was Sara who had the job of finding us at the square and informing us that our Baby sister Dianna had been born.  She was driving by this time.
Myself, Dianna, Sara

This is an Illinois era trip.  We all made a trip to Utah and Idaho just before we moved back to Hyrum.  
 After my father graduated with his masters in library science we moved to Illinois for two years.  We then returned to Hyrum and Dad worked at the USU library.  While in Illinois Sara met Clyde Buff, a veteran from the Air Force and a return missionary.  He and Sara were engaged before we left Carbondale, Illinois.  Sara started High School at Sky View, but she graduated from University High School in Carbondale, Illinois.  Attending this school she was able to graduate a year early as they accepted her seminary credits as history credits.

Sara with wedding party  The women are Connie, ??, ??, Kathy Nelson and Nola Anderson and Dianna in front

Mom and Aunt Rose Marie


Sara and Clyde

With Sara's Grandmothers, Wright and Wardle
Grandma Wright with the Hafens and Nelsons
After their marriage, Clyde and Sara lived for a time in Provo as Clyde attended BYU.  However he soon transferred to USU and the moved into the duplexes behind our house.

 When Clyde Eugene Buff Jr. was born he was the first grandson of my mother and father.  His birth also made as siblings all aunts and uncles.  In fact, Sara would have four children before any of the rest of us would have our first.  Sara was a good mother, loving her children unconditionally.  She has six children, four girls and two boys.  Her oldest Clyde Jr. preceded her in death almost two years ago.  The family lived in Hyrum, then Tremonton, then Bothwell and they finally relocated to Boise.


siblings and our Momma

extended family Thanksgiving.

Extended family

Siblings at Geneve's wedding

Sara and Clyde with their six children

temple trip to surprise Momma

Siblings at Joey's wedding

With her daughters


Albertson's uniform.  Sara worked the front counter where people would rent movies

Boise pictures