Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Movie Review; KBYU; In Performance: 1856 Long Walk Home

I watched this on BYUTV. Everyone else in the family was turned off by the operatic tenure of this presentation.  It is a combined telling of the Martin and Willey Handcart Companies.  It uses poetry, song (piano accompaniment) and poetic recitation to tell the story.  It includes some classic stories from the tragedy.  These include the words of Elizabeth Jackson Horrocks with regards to the death of her husband, and spending the night in the freezing cold under the stars with her children on her lap.  Also the words of Frances Webster, "We became acquainted with God in our extremities." 

It also gives a fairly good idea of the conditions on the ships in the journey across the ocean. 

However it does have some problems with telling two stories at the same time, and as a result it makes some factual errors.  It has the Martin Saints going up Rocky Ridge and crossing the Sweetwater for the sixth time going to Martin's Cove.  It was their first crossing, and they did not pull the handcarts up Rock Ridge.  It also has Ephraim coming into camp before Martin's Cove, while he met the company after the Cove.

The genre was operatic, and not period, which would have been preferable.  The version of Brigham Young calling or the Saints was enjoyable, and the cords haunting.

This work, I could only mildly recommend. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Isaac Wardle Pictorial Essay

Pictures from the slide show Charlie(my brother) put together.  Isaac had three wives, Martha Egbert, Mary Anne Ashton and  Sophia Myers.
Isaac Wardle

Parker home, Martha, Isaac,  Sophia, Atheamer, ????
Thomas Morton, half brother

Mary Ann Ashton Wardle

Parker home

Sarah Beckstead, Mary's sister

Three older children Of Martha and Isaac, Corilla, Isaac Jr. and Araminta
Isaac and Martha with Etna May, Silas and Junius

Sophia with children, Charles, William Haston and Hannah

Charles, William and Silas

Harriett and Charles Wardle

William Haston and Anne Sorenson Wardle
                                          James, Isaac's brother on Left and Isaac on right
William Haston Wardle

Alice Robinson, wife of Isaac Jr.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hannah Wardle Udy

This information indicates that Hannah and her husband were in Pennsylvania for the 1870 census.  It also lists her children.  Hannah is the younger sister of Isaac Wardle.  

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

James Wilford Wardle Jr.

I have written a history of my father's WWII experiences from his letters (about 200 of them).scanning them  Some of the letters are very interesting and I will be scanning them.  Also if anyone would want to read it I could find some time to make copies, but would probably need the cost of copying which would probably be $30 with color illustrations and $25 without.  email if you would want a cop, or mail check to address below.

I wanted to share a letter I wrote to the church which shares this experience of writing my dad's history

Billy Wardle (James William Wardle)
                                                                             10425 Calvert Drive
                                                                             Cupertino, CA 95014
                                                                             Stevens Creek Ward, Saratoga Stake

First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Regarding: James Wilford Wardle Jr. DOB July 28, 1925

Dear Sirs:
            I am writing to petition for the reinstatement of my father’s baptism and temple ordinances.  He was excommunicated from the church and was in this status at the time of his death three years ago. 
            After my father’s death I have been writing a history of his days in the Navy (1943-1946) from letters he had written home which have come into my possession.  In reviewing these letter I am see how important the church was to him at this time in his life.  He often wrote of seeking out the church, or missing church, if there was not one available.  He went from there to leading a rural life in Eastern Washington where he served as part of the bishopric of the Othello, Washington Ward, Moses Lake Stake.   
            He left farming and returned to school and pursued a career in Library Science.  He worked at Southern Illinois, Utah State and BYU. He served as Scoutmaster and as High Priest Group secretary.
            However a different spirit seemed to possess him later in life.  He was excommunicated shortly before my youngest brother went on a mission to Japan.  This would have been 1980.  A spirit of negativity towards the church was manifested in the things he did and said after this time.  He began residing in Salt Lake City while I was on my mission in 1978 and he divorced from my mother in 1983.  His attitude towards the church made it difficult for us to visit him at times.
            I am petitioning for the reinstatement of his temple blessings, as I have some hope that the spirit he manifested early in his life may be touched in the Spirit World.  I realize that this is not the spirit with which he left this world.  However if there is any hope that he might accept the gospel again, I would like for his reinstatement to be completed and his ordinances to be in place.


Billy Wardle

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thomas Morton wedding certificate

Thomas Morton married Mary Anne Price Oct. 30, 1854  Thomas Morton is the oldest sibling of Isaac.  He is a half brother born to Mary Morton by William Morton.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Dad's Family

My father is James Wilford Wardle Jr.  His father is James Wilford Wardle Sr. and his Mother Melissa Ann Shaw.  He is the grandson of William Haston Wardle.  Due to flu epidemic and Scarlett Fever my father had three siblings pass away before he was born, --Wanda, William and Myrtle.

James Wilford and Melissa Wardle with children, Jim, Audrey, Phyllis, Lula and Verna

Jim, Lula, Verna, Audrey,Phyllis

Little Willie (William Haston Wardle)

Melissa Ann Shaw and James Wilford Wardle Sr, marriage photo

James Wilford Wardle Sr.

4 generation William Haston Wardle, James Wilford Wardle Sr, Audrey Wardle Chase, Kenneth Chase

Dad and cousins: Norma, Jack, Lula, Wilford (Dad) Dennis, Grant Jr. (sitting)

My Mom's Family

Grandma Wright in the middle.  Aunt Mary on the left, Aunt Ruth on the right.

Mom's family, mom Ileen, Grandpa Charles James, Rosemarie, (younger sister) Charleen, (twin sister) Grandma Mina Geneve
Our family, Dianna, Mom, Grandma Wright, Charles, Weldon, Me, Sara, Connie
My mother is Ileen Jane Wright.  Her parents are Charles James Wright and Mina Geneve Brandlee.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thomas Morton, Cluff Ward reel 025865

This is a copy of letter I received from Kathy Taylor, descendant of Thomas Morton:

I only have an estimated death date of bef 1832.  I don't know why it shows just the year and not before.  Since Mary was remarried in 1832, I had the date in my file as a place setter.  This was an old Ancestral File submission.  Beth White has done most of the research on the family.  I got the information from her. 
I do have census records for 1841 and 1851 showing Thomas in the family with John and Mary Wardle.  I also have a copy of Thomas and Mary Ann's marriage certificate, listing William as Thomas' father.  I have enclosed the census images in a Word document for you.
Thomas belonged to Whitwick branch, baptized in 1847 by Henry Platts. Whitwick Branch records film # 087038, Thomas was ordained Elder by William Bowen Cluff Ward records # 025863.
Mormon Immigration CD
Ship: Nevada
Date of Departure: 10 Jul 1873 Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
LDS Immigrants: 283 Church Leader: Elijah A. Box
Date of Arrival: 23 Jul 1873 Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Source(s): BMR, Book #1041, pp. 281-287 (FHL #025,692); Customs #754 (FHL #175,735); Der Stern, vol.5 (1873), p. 111
MORTON, Mary A. <1830> Age: 43 Origin: Chesterfield
MORTON, Thomas <1830> Age: 43 Origin: Chesterfield Note: BMR, p. 281.
MORTON, Charles <1855> Age: 18 Origin: Chesterfield
MORTON, Herbert <1861> Age: 12 Origin: Chesterfield

I am also posting a scan of the reel with Thomas' information.  According to this Thomas was baptized 1847 by Lawrence Platts in Whitwick.  He passed away Jane 11 1911.  This also indicates his son, Herbert, was not a member.  That is why he is circled.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

water colors William Jackson

These pictures are from the book Westward America by Howard W. Driggs with water colors by William H. Jackson.  The publisher is American Pioneer Trail Association.  The author, painter are both deceased and the publisher no longer exists.  I attempted to contact family for permission to publish the illustrations but was unsuccessful.  Each of these pictures plays a part in young Isaac's trek across the plains.