Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Dad's Family

My father is James Wilford Wardle Jr.  His father is James Wilford Wardle Sr. and his Mother Melissa Ann Shaw.  He is the grandson of William Haston Wardle.  Due to flu epidemic and Scarlett Fever my father had three siblings pass away before he was born, --Wanda, William and Myrtle.

James Wilford and Melissa Wardle with children, Jim, Audrey, Phyllis, Lula and Verna

Jim, Lula, Verna, Audrey,Phyllis

Little Willie (William Haston Wardle)

Melissa Ann Shaw and James Wilford Wardle Sr, marriage photo

James Wilford Wardle Sr.

4 generation William Haston Wardle, James Wilford Wardle Sr, Audrey Wardle Chase, Kenneth Chase

Dad and cousins: Norma, Jack, Lula, Wilford (Dad) Dennis, Grant Jr. (sitting)


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. There are some pictures of my Grandmother (Phyliss) that I haven't seen before. I am named after Melissa Ann Shaw. So fun!!

  2. PS- I think that in the second photo it should be Audrey & then Phyliss. I'm pretty sure the it my grandmother on the end. :)

  3. I changed the caption. I could not tell who was who. If you cannot download the pictures from the blog, email me at and I will send you the files. If Aunt Phyllis is your grandma, who is our mommy. Billy

  4. Thank you for putting together this blog. It's wonderful. I've been enjoying reading your posts and looking at all these pictures, as have my kids. I was telling them the story of the Martin handcart company tonight and they enjoyed looking at the pictures of Mary Ann Ashton and Issac Wardle as part of the story.

    I am also Phyliss' granddaughter (and Melissa's cousin). My mom is Phyliss' daughter Denise. Melissa's mom is Joanne.

  5. It is good to meet the Olsens this way. I saw Uncle James and Donna at the reunion