Saturday, March 30, 2019

Genealogy Family Names

I find this list is very helpful to me as I do genealogy work.  I also find I am always adding to it.  On a few occasions I find different sides of the family having common ancestors, and also ancestors with the same name.

Alcock                         Buff    (Clyde Buff family)
Alvey                           Buff
Audritt                        Shaw  (Dad’s mother)
Baker                          Shaw Atwood
Ball                              Shaw
Ballam                                    Adams  (Uncle Leo’s third wife, Dad’s)
Batdorff                      Shaw
Beek                            Jeremy Bosch  (Mom’s mother’s line)
Bibby                          Ashton  (Isaac Wardle married Mary Ashton)
Bogard, Boogard        Jeremy Bosch
Bond                           Shaw Atwood
Bronkhorst                 Jeremy Braendli Bosch
Browning                   Braendli Jeremy
Cartwright                 Green  (Dad’s brother-in-law)
Clemons                     Shaw Atwood
Colver                         Shaw Atwood Barber
Conrad, Coonrad       Haws Clawson  (Sheri’s mother’s father)
Corrigan                     Haws
Cox                              Williams  (Uncle Leo’s second wife)
Crane                          Buff
Cross                           Adams
Crum                          Shaw Atwood Barber
Davis                           Shaw Atwood
DeWeese                    Buff
DeWitt                        Clawson
Dille                            Clawson
Donaghy                     Adams
Donk                           Jeremy Bosch
Doughy                       Shaw Atwood
Epperly                      Shaw Atwood
Farr                             Green
Farrar                         Haws Clawson
Farrow                        Haws Clawson
Flood                           Buff
Fletcher                      Shaw
Foreman                     Haws / Shaw Atwood
Francis                        Tonkin Williams
Froggat                       Ashton Barlow
Fry                              Tonkin Williams
Frye                            Green
Greene                        Shaw Atwood/ Green
Golding                       Shaw
Goodwin                     Shaw
Gould                          Shaw
Grepp                         Buff
Griffis                          Haws Clawson
Grotenboer                Wright Braendli Bosch
Griffis                          Haws Clawson
Goodband                  Green Osborn
Goodwin                     Shaw
Gunier                                    Adams
Gwaltney                    Buff
Hackett                       Shaw Atwood
Hamilton                    Shaw Atwood
Hannibal                    Shaw Atwood
Harrison                     Osborn Green
Hawkey                      Green
Heywood                    Shaw
Hicks                           Springall (Mom’s stepfather)
Hines                          Haws Clawson Durfee
Hitchcock                    Shaw Atwood Barber
Hitz                             Braendli
Hoaglin                       Haws
Hodge                         Shaw
Holden                        Shaw Atwood
Hotchkiss                    Haws Clawson
Hudson                       Haws Clawson
Hutto                          Haws Clawson
Imner/Immer                        Braendli
Inman                         Adams
James                          Shaw Atwood
Jenkins                       Green Cartwright     
Kilgore                        Shaw Atwood
Kyle                            Adams
Leatherbarrow          Ashton
Littleboy                     Springall
Manhire                     Williams
Martin                                    Shaw Atwod Barber
McCallister                 Haws Clawson
McClanahan               Haws
McDaniel                    Shaw Atwood/ Braendli Jeremy
McKinney                   Shaw Atwood
Micks                          Braendli
Monaghan                  Tonkin Williams
Moore                         Green Cartwright/ Durfee Clawson
Munro                                    Shaw Atwood Barber
Murrells                     Adams
Nash                           Haws Clawson
Nightingale                Osborn
Osborn                       Green
Owen                          Atwood
Pfister                         Braendli
Phelps                                    Shaw Atwood
Platford                      Adams
Porter                         Shaw Atwood
Prudy                         Cartwright Green
Rodgers                      Haws Clawson
Saich                           Springall
Sanders                      Jeremy Braendli
Schilling                      Green Cartwright
Shelton                       Clawson
Siefkes                        Braendli
Smith                          Clawson/ Jeremy
Souttar                       Green
Spier                           Wardle Udy
Staples                        Ashton
Sublett                        Haws Clawson
Suthard                      Shaw Atwood
Swadling                    Shaw Atwood Barber
Swager                       Adams
Tasler                         Ashton
Tatler                          Ashton
Terry                          Shaw Atwood
Todden                       Shaw Atwood
Tonkin Tonkyn          Williams
Tucker                        Haws Clawson
Uphavering                Ashton
Udy                             Wardle
Utley                           Braendli Jeremy/Shaw Atwood/ Haws Clawson Durfee
Van den Berg             Bosch, Jeremy
Van der Hoek             Bosch Jeremy
Van Dijk                      Braendli Jeremy
VanderGrift                Jeremy
Van Geenen               Bosch
Van Steenis                Braendli Jeremy Bosch
Vink                            Braendli, Jeremy, Bosch
Vinton                         Ashton
Vogel                           Bosch
Walker                        Shaw
Walters                       Green Cartwright
Warden                      Adams
Watkins                      Clawson
Wheelhouse               Haws
Whitter                       Shaw
Whitaker                    Shaw
Wilcock                       Ashton
Wilkes                         Shaw
Wilsey                         Clawson
Wink                           Jeremy Bosch
Wisner                        Clawson
Wysling                      Braendli