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Isaac Letter Home August 26, 1879

Isaac talks about his health, and announces his return home in this letter.

Rancon?  AG 26 1879  E D
Dear Wives and Children i set doune to Right a fue Lines to you hoping they Will find you Well as i canot say that i ham Well but i think i am some beter them i have been for some time pass[.]  the Wather is getting some thing Like our Wather His and it makes me feel beter then the Cold Days has done in the past but it keeps on Raining all most every Day[.]  i think i have not seen more then 47 Days since i came to Englen that is has not Raned or snoed so you see that this is a Damp and Cold Contrey[.]  i hope When i get home that Chang Will Do me god and in prove my halth as i have no hopes that it Will be Eney [page 2] beter hear and precedent Budge think the same[.]  i have this Day turned over all of the a Counts Blongin [belonging] to the Chesher Districk to Elder Bunling and he takes Charge of the afares in this Districk[.]  now i starte in the Morning to visit the Wigen sants as i feel that I shood not Do justis to my self and them if i Did not Do it an thay Wood Like to see me[.]  thay send me Ward to Come before i go home as thay Canot Come to see me.  i have got meny frends in this Contrey that Wood Like me to stay With them[.]  i Wood Like to stay if i Cood Do it as i feel that i Cood Do them good but i hope hat some one Will [ pg 3] be apointed that Will do more than i Can[.]  my feelings is With the people in this Contry for i knows that thay is a good peple hear but i Canot stay With them[.]  thay is good prospects a hade for the Elders that Comes after me for i have made meny frneds among those that Dos not belong to the Church[.]  it is Comon for me to go in to houses and to Comanc [commence] to talk to peepel that i never saw before[.]  When i told some of them that i Was going home most of them said Don’t go a Way yet[.]  We Will Do all We Can for you if you Will stay With us but That’s is same[.]  Wood be glad if i had vener Come if you hard them holer after me[.] [page 4]  you Wood think my name Was Changed as thay Call me Brigham in a grate maney plases that i go or mormon hou meny Wives have you got[.]  i have got quite huste [use] to it Now[.]  in our Tone [town] meetins you Wood think some times that a big man Like me Wood be Eate up[.]  but i all Was [always] try to come out beter then i go in for[.]  god has Dlivered me and those that as been With me When i have been blest with Compney[.]  it is not allthe time that i have had Compney[.]  i have been 3 to 4 Weks at a time and not seen a Elder to speek to[.]  i have thought some times if i Cood see a black Cat from home i Wood kis it[.]  this is the Condisen of [pg 5]meney of the Elders that is heare[.]  i tell you When We get to see Eath [each] other We now hav to shake the hand[.]  you may think this is foley[.]  if so i say to such Come and try it a Litle Wille [while][.]  i have no fault to find for it has been a grate Check to me[.]  if i had my halth i Wood Like to stay 1 or 2 years Longer[.]  i Never Enjoye myself Eney beter in my Life then i have Dun in traveling among the peple[.]  Thair is a joye that the World no [know] not of and meney of the brethren Canot Relise it till they have a Chance to try it[.]  With feelings of reget i penn these fue Lines to tell you that i ham comen home to you With my body full of pains[.]  but i hope that the Lord [pg 6] Will spare my Life to get home to you a gain[.]  i feel a frad [afraid] of the see [sea] as i know What it is to Cros it[.]  Thay Will be Robed Dancey {Dancie] With me so i am told[.]  Thay is 6 of the Elders Coming home sick With the same complant[;] some worse then others[.]  i shall not be hable to bring you Eney presents as i have not got the mens [means] to it[.]  if i get me self Thair i think i shall Do very Well[.]  you may think of seen old Jhe [John] but i Don’t knoure Wather it is or not  Whan I Look in the glas[.]  Do not Right to me Eney moreat present[.]  We shall start on the 6 of sep[.]  All been Well[.]  so no more at present from you husband and farther. 
Isaac J Wardle  rebers [remember] to give my Love to all[.]  the kises for you all XXXXXXXXXXXX to Zion the leap

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