Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Pictures of James Wilford Wardle Sr and his Jobs

Threshing 1911-1912
 Dad threshing grain when the snow was deep; In January Teton Basin (from back of picture)
Threshing in Teton Basin in the winter of about 1911 or 1912 (from back of picture)
Teton Coal Mine about 1912, Wilford Wardle loading coal (note on back)

Putting up hay at [Dritip? see below] That was before we were married, about 1912.  Wilford is driving the bullrake [buckrake.]

 Father during harvest combine grain at Rockland 1931 or 32 (on back)

Dad at Whitmores, he is driving the horses harvesting grain at Rockland
Dad and the horses when he was plowing (on back)

Wilford Wardle on farm S of Rigby going to plow the field (on back)

Dad seeding the wheat (on back)

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