Monday, November 9, 2015

Trip to Gale Center of History and Culture

While we were in South Jordan, we made a quick trip to the Gale Center in South Jordan.  The most interesting aspect I found outside, a replica of a dugout house, and a replica of an out house.  Inside their were displays of the 1938 train-bus accident as well as the story of Henry Beckstead who is credited with founding South Jordan.  (Isaac Wardle was with him, as he was living with the family at the time, and as he was the only adult not a direct member of the family is often credited as a co-founder.  We watched the movie which explains much of this history, and includes an interview with Roy Wardle, a descendant on the Wardle side.

Jordan River Temple is close to Isaac's original homestead.
Tony liked the trees by the temple

Dugout replica

Backside of the dugout with stovepipe on top.


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