Thursday, August 15, 2013

Isaac Wardle Patriarchal Blessing, 1875

This is befor his mission be four years, and the first of three patriarchal blessings.
South Jordan Ward S.L. County, U.S. January 25th 1875
A Blessing given by John Smith Patriarch upon the head of Isaac John Wardle son of John and Mary Wardle born in Ravenstone, Lestershire England June 15th 1835.
Brother Isaac according to thy desire I place my hands upon they head and in the name of Jesus Christ pronounce and leave a blessing upon thee; which shall be a guide and a comfort unto thee.  Thou art of the house of Israel thy pathway hath been fraught with trials and difficultys.  Thy guardian angel hath preserved they life for thou hast yet a mission to perform which if thou art faithful will exalt thee hereafter and give thee peace.  Therefore be upon they guard.  Seek wisdom knowledge and understanding that you may overcome the evils of thy nature and obtain the Spirit of the Lord to direct they mind and give thee strength and grace sufficient for thy day for it is they privilege to live to a good old age and travel much for the gospel sake and assist in gathering tethered? Israel and do a work for they kindred who are now in Darkness for there are many honest in heart who will well rejoice with thee hereafter.  Thou art of the blood of Joseph through the Line of Ephraim and Entitled to the Blessing of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph with the gifts of the Priesthood therefore be prudent to seek to know the will of the Lord concerning thee and though shalt be warned of events to come.  The vision of thine understanding shall be opened and though shalt see and understand things as they are.  Thu shalt realize that the hand of the Lord has been over thee for good; that He has heard they petitions and will answer thee when thou wilt ask in faith.  Thou shalt be prospered in thy journeys at home and abroad; be blessed in thy labour Spiritually and temporally; therefore I say unto thee setting forth fail not and every word of this blessing shall be fulfilled for I seal it upon thee by the virtue of the Hold Priesthood and I seal thee up unto eternal life to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection a Saviousramong they kindred.  Even So Amen.
Patriarchal blessing of Isaac John Wardle recorded in book G pg 873

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