Sunday, August 4, 2013

Letter to Isaac from Henry Beckstead During His Mission

This letter is interesting as it talks about conditions at home during Isaac's mission.  It also comments on health of the family.  I now have two letter posted about the first brass band in South Jordan.

South Jordan Salt Lake County U.T.  April 8, 1879
I imbrace the opportunity of righting you a few lines in relation to things at home[.]  i miss your assistance in school[.]  The koal thing now is on me[.]  i assist myself at present[.]  i have kep school a going every day[.]  Walter ses [says] he will teach a nother year if i will act[.]  i have Taken lead and got a Brass Band Started here since you left[.]  i sent back east and got the instruments[.]  we can play 2 tunes[.]  we are going to play next Saturday knight—down to the Bishops[.]  there is 12 in the Band[.]  our Teacher for the Band and there names H.B. Beckstead, Nephi Orgat, Wm. A Beckstead, Gordon G. Beckstead, Hamuel H. Beckstead, Edward Orgal, Brigham Sellers, [pg 2] Gordon G. Bills, John Winward, John Hold, William Goff, Lemus Peterson. Teacher for the band Joseph Orgut)  we will give you A chear [cheer] when you come Home a Gain if nothing happens[.]  The weather is very warm and dry[.]  we hant had no Stormes to Amount to any thing sense the last of February[.]   The grass is all dry very near in valley[.]  the hills is very poor[.]  if it don’t rain Soon there sont be a half crop where there is Smal Streames)  We can go up to the big timber with thout any trouble So you can Judge for the balance[.]  Draper wont have enuff to water the old farmes[.]  our garden look very fair at present[.]  i hav ben out to my Sheep for 3 weakes and now i hav got to go on the Jurie next Monday and they think the term will last for 3 months[.]  i am worked out pertanear [pretty near] [.] [page 3] now for your affairs[.]
After you left home you Family was next to Brother Goffs Among all that I have Seen[.]  Som of the Folk wanted to senf do A Doctor but i did not think and i was satsfide in my own mind that no Doctor had the power to heal your Famley without the Assistance of God did assit him[,]  i told your Famley that they Should hav any thing that they thought would help them in evry respect but they would not concent to those that wished to send for A Doctor[.]  I then begin to try to put down the Spirit of doctor by calling the house to order for prair after prair[.]  i then asked Sophi if She had any choice[.]  She said yes i have[,] i felt as thou there was A devil Spirit in the house at that moment[.]  there was several of the elders there[.]  there was plenty of help[.]  we the servants of the most hy God with the Spirit of our calling promised the Famley in the Name of our Lord and Savior that they should be made hoal and sound which God granted According to our wants and our faith[.]  Johney is doing well and i think better than could bee expected with his experience in life[.]  the children all look well and helthey[.]  Martha and Sophi helth is not as good as times past but there is no danger i don’t think[.]  they was worn out with sickness[.]  I think that warm weather set them all right Again[.]  don’t fret about you Famley for while i hav they will have[.]  we send our love to you and pray God to bless you and your labors and protect you from all danger that you may return home when the rite time comes and your labor is done)  your Brother in the Gospel Henry B. Beckstead

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