Friday, July 19, 2013

Letters to Isaac During His Mission: Aunt Betsy Ley

This letter is intriguing because it appears Isaac's mother has a sister.  I could not find her with internet, but I did find Combemartin, England in Google Maps.  If someone knows anything about her please let me know.

Combmartin Aug 20th 1879
Dear nephew
Just a few to tell you that I can’t do nothing toward any money before the copy of the will come down[.]  then I will sent and tell you all petuclers [particulars]I have[.]  [page 2]Sent two cards[.]  Please to sent your mother one hand the other keep yourself[.]  My adress is Betsy Ley  Combmartin cit Barnstaple Devon[.]  we are very glad to hear that your mother got out alright[.]  I am very sorry to hear that you were out of work[.]  we al linjoy a very good health[.]  I hope [page 3]this will find you al in good health[.]  I have nothing more to sat at present.  From you Loving aunt B Ley

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