Friday, July 19, 2013

Isaac's Mission: Letter to Him from Sophia April 23, 1879

This letter had a part that was very hard to decipher, but I think Sheri and I have come up with a pretty good job.  The original scan has a place that was lighter.  It talks about a diphtheria epidemic.

April the 23 1879
Dear husband and father it is With pleasure that I sit me down to write a few lines to let you know how We are getting a long.  Martha is about as Well as can be expected[.]  she has been better this time than she was before but I Wil be glad When her truble is over for it is igreat trile to be let Without you under such a sircomstens but never the less We trist in god Whom Will help those that put there rust in him.  We know that god is With us and that he Will help us thru all our truble if We are faithful[.]  the rest of us are all well.  Thank god for the great Blessing hopping this fue lines may find you injoing the same Blessing.  We Wod like to have you home With us but god has cald you thru his servants to do this great and noble Work therfor We ever pray god to bles you and fill you With Wisdom and knowledge that you may pruv faithful to your caling and then return home to us agine[.]  We loke [look] forward to the gread day for We know that it will be the happest Day of oure lives to greet you Wellcom home oncs more[.]  i was doune to the Bishop last Sunday and I had the privlage to convirce with Brother Miner to give me som incouraging council[.]  He pray for you bouth late and erley[.]  you sey in yours letters do not forget to pray for me[.]  O Dear Isaac it is hard to forget one Who is so near[page 2] and Dear as you are to us[.]  it is a long time sens We have had the privlige to imbrice you and to he[a]r your kind voise[.]  O if We could bout Speak s feu Words to you tonight it wood give us great relefe for it is a trial that require bouth faith and Wisdom but if We due oure dutey to the best of oure abilty god Will due the rest for We have seen the power of god made manifest thru his servenc to us[.] therfor We can bare a faithful testermoney that this is the Work of god[.] Maith his er [ever] ingage and care prosper us lateraly that we together with you may prove faithful to our heavenly father[.]  the Diptheria Is raging in Draper and Brother Higby Has beried his oldest brother toDay and 5 more down with the treble Disease[.]  We Will know close oure letter by asking god to Bless you and persurve you from all harm and danger Witch is the prayer of you hold family the Children ever pray god to Bless and perseurve father and bring him safe home to us again[.]  father Wardle father Egber father miers and there familys sends there love to you and they ever prayfor you[.]  and grandmother send her love to you also and the nabors all send there love to you.  Rite as sone as you receve our letter and write often for it is good to hear from you and We will send you a letter evere Weke from you king and loving family[.]  to our kind and loving husband and father I will now bring our letter to a close and ask god to Bless you is our prayer in the name of Jesus amen.  John has just gone to the hird[.]  from Martha and Sophia.  Write soon.

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