Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Visit to Aunt Joy's Grave

My cousin, Ray Olsen, added a Billion Graves link to the Family Search page of Aunt Joy Jean Williams Wardle.  She is my father's aunt, the wife of Uncle Leo, son of William Haston Wardle.  They had no children.  When I realized that the grave was in San Jose, I determined to visit.  I figured the grave probably had not been visited by anyone for at least 50 years, if not more.  I became determined to place a rose.  The link shows the grave in the North East corner of the Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose.  I walked past the palm trees, and had some difficulty finding the grave.  It was farther than I had assumed from looking at the internet picture.  In fact, the graves were all placed for those reading from the south, while her grave was in the first line of gravestones placed the opposite way, for those reading from the north. 
It created a special moment, and a special memory.  I was introduced to Aunt Joy when I wrote my father's history.  My father seemed to really enjoy his time visiting with her when he was in the Navy as a young man.
looking to the North East from the gravesite

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