Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pictures of Grandma Melissa Anne Shaw Wardle and Children

Could these pictures be of Grandpa's funeral, or shortly after.  The were developed in December 1973, or a full our after Grandpa passed away. No labels provided but all together and clothing the same.
Donna Phyllis and Sandra and David Olsen

Grandma and Denise Olsen

Wardle woman, Phyllis, Lula, Grandma, Audrey, and my mother (daughter-in-law) Ileen

My father Jim and Grandma

Grandma at her home in Rexburg

Phyllis, Lula, Grandma, Ileen, Audrey
Aunt Verna is missing from these.  If anyone knows the occasion please let me know.  Billy

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  1. Reed Olsen David and Sandra Olsen Johnson as a very young girl. The girl facing away in the second photo looks like my sister Denise but I can't be sure.

    Sandra Olsen Johnson Yep, that's me! I am told that I was about 2 when Grandpa Wardle died. I was born in 1971 if that helps any!