Sunday, May 6, 2012

Book Review: Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley

Boat and tug in Liverpool

This book, as a resource for Isaac's history provides some general details about the trek.  The author, Frederick Piercy traveled the Mormon Trail by wagon in 1853, and gives general information about the journey.  As he went the New Orleans route, there is some of Isaac's route which was different, however the coincided after Council Bluffs.   He gives general information on boat travel and wagon train organization which would apply to all the Mormon companies.  He also provides a series of sketches, which he drew in 1853; and give us a few of places only three years before Isaac passed.  This book was published by the Church's offices in Britain with Franklin Richards, publisher.  It is available free through Google Books.

Dress of English converts on the Mormon Trail

Shows a tent, which may have been similar to those of the handcart companies

On of the ferry crossings

Salt Lake City

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