Sunday, March 3, 2013

Handcart Pictures

I think Isaac may have looked very much like this picture

Charlie found the second pictures, which shows handcart pioneers in the snow.  There was a wearing struggle before the snow, as depicted in the first picture.  This represents to me Isaac's struggle and he and John Bailey pulled Langley across the plains.  However, Isaac probably did not have a covered cart, as these were better and usually reserved for families.  The cart more likely looked like those in the second picture. 
This image also represents for me Isaac on the trail, as he was called upon to dig many graves.  One day they placed twenty people in a common grave.

This is a depiction of Sarah and Mary Ashton painted by Julie Rogers.  I think of this picture just after Betsy passed away.  Their older sister gone, their parents gone, the had to comfort each other. 

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