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Pioneer History of Isaac J. Wardle

Pioneer History of Isaac J. Wardle

Pioneer History of Isaac J. Wardle
No author is given but I think it is my dad’s handwriting

Isaac John Wardle was the son of John and Mary Kinston, the former of Ravenstone England, the latter of Snayson, Leicestershire, Eng.  He was born June 1, 1835, and Ravenstone.  He came to Utah Nov 30, 1856 in the Edward Martin “Frozen Handcart Co.”

                Married Martha Ann Egbert Apr 17, 1859 (daughter of Samuel Egbert and Maria Beckstead, pioneers 1849) who was born March 1, 1844, and came to Utah with parents.  Their children:
1.       Isaac John born Oct. 31, 1862, married Alice Robinson.
2.       Samuel born Feb 4, 1864 died March 26, 1864.
3.       Crella Marie born Oct 15, 1868, married Zachariah Butterfield.
4.       Araminta born Apr. 25, 1868, married Daniel Densley.
5.       Joseph Smith born Sept. 13, 1870, married Sabrina Ann Beckstead.
6.       Hyrum Smith born May 26, 1873, died July 26, 1873.
7.       Silas D. born July 16, 1875, married Emeline Orgelo.
8.       Junius F. born June 9, 1879.
9.       Etney May born May 15, 1882 married Jon Palmer.
10.   Edgar R. born May 15, 1882, died Sept. 3, 1882.
The family home was in South Jordan, Utah.

                He married Mary Ann Ashton, 1868, Salt Lake City.  She was the daughter of William Ashton, pioneer 1856, Edward Martin Co.  She was born at Oldham, Lancastershire, England.  Their child William H. born April 5, 1869, married Annie Sorenson.

                Married Sophia Meyer July, 26, 1869, Salt Lake City (daughter of Charles F. Meyers and Annie Jacobson, pioneer Oct. 1, 1862, Joseph Horne Co.)  She was born Sept. 11, 1849 in Denmark.  Their children:
1.       Charles M., born Dec. 18, 1870, married Harriet Rhodehouse.
2.       Hannah M. born March 13, 1873, married Robert N. Holt.
3.       Atheamer M. born Sept. 3, 1881, married Rosa Powell.
4.       Wilford Woodruff born Oct. 6, 1883, died Aug. 7. 1887.  

He took and active part in the Echo Canyon trouble.   He filled a mission to England in 1879; he was Superintendent of South Jordan Sunday School from 1879-1897; He was a home missionary, ward teacher, high priest.  He moved from South Jordan, Utah to Parker, Idaho in 1900.
        He worked in the coal mines as a youth in England.  It was there he heard the Gospel from the Mormon missionaries.

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