Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Review: Church History, Newspaper Articles

This is a series of articles available through the Church History website for the Martin Handcart Company,16272,4019-1-192,00.html
These articles show the commitment of the church to embrace its history, as it includes negative comments as well as positive.  It has a new story based on an ex "Elder" saying the deaths prove Brigham Young was not a prophet.  Another is a very graphic description of the handcart pioneers published in a New York newspaper.  It also has the description from the Deseret News.  There are also official publications from "The Mormon" church publication in New York.  There is a powerful discourse from Brigham Young.  There is one article I hoped would be available.  This is  the conference discourse of President Young that is quoted in the Hafen book.

Very useful series of articles

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