Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Dad's Photo Album

Somehow my Dad's album came to me after he passed away.  It looks like it was put together while he was married to Jewel.  Some people I don't recognize, so if you do please comment and help me.

My sister Dianna. I think these are her high school pictures.

My family
Natalia, Mark, Jeremy, Charity
Mark, Natalia


 Buff Family

Clyde Jr., Krista, Geneve, Katherine, Joey, Linsey

 Aunt Verna, Larene Green

 Aunt Lula
Lula and Phyllis?
don't know

Kim Beesley, John Beesley, Lula, sitting, Amber Beasly Lawless in her lap, Lula's son Marv, Amber's father.

 Jim and Jewel

View from Dad's house
front1315 So 200 East SLC

 I don't know.  Jewel's family?


  1. Wow!I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this page. The photo labeled "Lula and ??Sally Sherry and Jack?" is actually my family. My name is Amber Beesley Lawless, and I am sitting in my Grandma Lula's lap. Also shown are my dad, Marv Beesley (Lula's son), my stepmom Kim Beesley, and my brother John Beesley. My best guess is that this photo was taken in 1988. It's nice meeting you. Thank you for posting!

  2. I am sure you know my father was Lula's brother.