Sunday, September 30, 2012

Your Heart Will Burn: Scene Five, Wardle Home

This scene depicts Isaac saying goodbye to his family.  At this time my understanding that Isaac was the only member of the church in his family, although most others joined later, except his half brother Thomas Wardle Morton.  This scene includes his father and motherJohn and Mary, older brother William and younger siblings Hannah and James.  John is another brother who is generally forgotten because he passed away before his parents imigrated, but was alive at this time.  Also Thomas his oldest half brother.  Before Isaac left Hannah, William and Thomas were married.  William had two children.  As mentioned Joseph did not immigrate, but he did marry and his wife did.  He was a member of the church.  See the work of Patti Call for more details of this

Thomas was a member, Isaac's parents and he all being baptized before Isaac.  All the other siblings were baptized with the exception of Hannah, who was thought to have immigrated to Australia, however it appears she immigrated to Eastern U.S. Pennsylvania.  Again see the work of Patti Call.  Isaac's farewells probably took place over several days.  He does say he returned to his parent's home from Walsall to say goodbye.

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  1. The bit with the ax, hatchett. For some reason I had the impression Isaac's father gave him an ax for the journey. Could there be any truth to this?