Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dianna Wardle (my sister) and Mark Norman

Dianna (my sister) waited for Mark while he was on his mission.  I came across this letter written to my mother from Taiwan.  It was sent by Elder Norman.  It is a very nice letter, and expressed much sentiment and gratitude for Dianna.  (I am not sharing the contents of the letter, which would be for them to choice if they want to share.)
Many young women commit to wait; very few actually do.  My wife waited, but when her boyfriend returned home, he had grown out of love and broke her heart.  Dianna waited, and married her missionary.
Dianna had big plans, and put together many things in anticipation of her marriage.  Most of the two years Mark was gone, she was putting things away, dishes, linens, silverware.  By the time they were married, she had everything she needed to run a home.

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