Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tid Bit about Grandpa Thomas Evan Jeremy's Tree
I found this not in my mother's things about the tree.  I previously shared the above link which mentioned this tree in the newspaper.
 At 6th W. and So Temple on the old Saltair Railroad, stands the famous Jeremy Cottonwood.  It was planted by Thomas Jeremy in 1852.  It grew and seemed to have served its purpose, and finally was neglected.  Sara Jeremy Anderson of S.L. County board had spoken of the tree in tender amusing terms telling of the girls and boys who came there to play, and each of the tramps who came there to get warm.  Although it was greatly damaged by repeated fires, the old Jeremy Tree reaches 115 feet into the sky, and spreads its great branches almost that far across.  The tree warden of S.L. took it in his care,  doctored and pruned it, an it is now being protected as an historic tree. 
Heart Throbs vol. 2.

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