Saturday, March 14, 2015

Serving in the Temple

Weekend of 3/6-3/815  This weekend was a temple work weekend.  Charity, Mom, Natalia, Ty and I went to the temple for sealings.  In all we did about 110 total (another group took some of our names so we could get them done).  It was fun.  We saw many people we know.  The Nelsons (formerly of Northland Ward and now Union Ward (he taught gospel doctrine before I did) were there.  Ron Cieslak of the Stevens Creek ward was also there (he may have moved before you would remember but was close to the youth Natalia’s age.)  Later we had Steve Orton and his wife join us.  It was a pretty fun evening with lots of work done. 
The youth and the Elders did baptisms Saturday and I sent names.  I figure about 55 names so between baptisms and confirmations that is another 110 ordinances.  So it was a very active weekend in the temple.  I always have a few ordinances being done on those I have shared with the temple as well.  I think a record with may 230 ordinances completed.  This has been my most active weekend, and since the sealing is the last ordinance these are all the way done.  We are now working on putting together another session by completing the preliminary work.  I have more than enough names, but we have to do the other work done first.  Natalia and Ty took names home to do in Washington.

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