Friday, December 11, 2015

Uncle Marvin Anderson: Funeral Program

From the Deseret News Sept. 3, 2007
Marvin is 2nd from left in the back
Marvin with Nola and Tammy

Jim and Ileen (Wright) Wardle and Rose Marie (Wright) and Marvin Anderson

 Marvin was a very funny man.  He could really entertain a crowd and keep people laughing.  He was also a tease.  Perhaps my younger brother inherited this from him.  However a couple times he went too far.  One time I think he was teasing Sara when she first had a baby and pretending to breast feed the baby.  However the worse tease that I know was when Sheri and I were married.  He came pounding on our hotel door early in the morning, waking us up from blissful sleep.  It took me a while to get decent to open the door where he had a good laugh at our expense.
However to be honest, Marvin was a very generous man.  He would often give us haircuts for free when we might be in the area.  It would give us a chance to catch up.
Marvin and Rose Marie with my sister Sara
Marvin is front on the right
Marvin on right
This story is very interesting, and something I didn't know about him.  I do not know what newspaper this may have been.
I gleaned a few pictures, and Uncle Marvin's funeral program from Family Search.  Uncle Marvin is the husband to my mother's sister Rose Marie.  They have now both passed away.  A couple pictures I had previously shared, but most are new to me.  This includes pictures of Marvin's birth family.

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