Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Aunt Helen Alein Springall

Aunt Helen was my mother's oldest sister on the Springall side.  She was born 19 March 1912 in Salt Lake City the first child of the union of William Arthur Springall and Mina Geneve Brandley.  They had been married 6 July 1911.  To this union would be born three more siblings.  Robert William was born in 1914, Marion Ruth in 1916 and William Earl in 1923.  Tragedy would strike this family when the children were quite young.  William Arthur would pass away 20 December 1925 due to toxaemia (toxins in the blood) as a result of pneumonia.  At his death Helen was 13, Robert 11, Marion 9 and William 2.

Mina Geneve would remarry in a few years.  She was babysitting for Charles James Wright, whose first marriage ended in divorce.  The were married 31 May 1927.
Shortly after this marriage, Charles and Geneve would relocate to Idaho where Charles would work at the sugar beat factory in Lincoln, Idaho falls.  They lived in a factory home, which was small.  Consequently a shed out back was used as a sleeping area for the boys.
Helen married Floyd Frank Troxler 8 July 1933 in Utah.  In 1940 they lived in Salt Lake City and had two children, Gloria and Jannett, according to the 1940 census.  However the picture I have shows three children with a brother much younger.
Aunt Helen's children
Helen passed away 18 October 1988 and was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

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