Sunday, March 26, 2017

Grandma's Temple Avenue House

This is Mom's condominium house on Temple Avenue.  There were twelve units in the residence, four on each floor.  Mom was on the lowest floor, and as such had a back porch.  There was a garage in the basement, with each tenant having a place.  Also there were storage closets assigned to each resident.
Mom's unit was two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, back patio, and back paved picnic area.  It had two bathrooms.  Here are a few pictures with my mom's decorating.  The old couch we had forever, and she had actually replaced it.
This home was only a block from Logan Temple.  It was uphill to the temple entrance however.  But if you went up one story on the elevator, there was a walkway which took off much of the climb.

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  1. Charlie Wardle That Green couch lasted a long time. Did we get it in Othello or when we first moved into Hyrum?
    Billy: After we moved to Hyrum.